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So do they ever solve something interesting like a murder instead of boring trivial stuff?
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this show is so damn boring, even the doujins have more interesting plots
>the girls find a hypnosis book
>hyouka turns out to be a date rape drug
Its about the characters, not the mysteries
Because they are fucking high school students

/co/ gets space jam, cool world, and who framed roger rabbit
where's the "japanese animated characters interact with real people" equivalent?
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I fucking hate summer
Japanese people cannot act. If they could, anime wouldn't be as big as it is.

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Find a flaw.
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Holy fuck
I can't. That's illegal.

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>tfw you desperately want to spike but there is no tosser around

This show is fucking gay.
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It's great, though.
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I was able to stand two seasons thanks to best boy, but then I just had to drop it.
So you watched everything but the climax?
What's the point?

What the fuck did I just watch?
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Experimental movie
Something rather fun.
An influential anime director's outside the box take on the one piece universe and characters.

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Holy shit, they actually aged them up?

Having some new hope for the movie if instead of retarded moe teenagers we'll get retarded hot young adults.
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I hope this leads to Kawanami getting a shot at series director.
Not sure if aged up or bad art.
The art isn't bad at all. He just looks older and more attractive.

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>read up to the end of the first arc
>thought the series will end there
>there's still more
>a new girl appears in the next arc

Is this turning into a harem? It already had a perfect, bittersweet ending up until that point.
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I thought the twist would be that she died at 9/11
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Anime never
>Is this turning into a harem?
Really like the series so can't spoil you OP. Just keep reading and I think you'll like it too.

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Okay i know all about the moe fang.
But since when is the shoujo fang a thing?
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You do know moe has its roots in shoujo manga, right?
That looks like Komura Ayumi's art. Let me know if i'm right
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I want to blow her tuba.
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Wrong girl for that. This is tuba girl.
that's an euphonium you idiot
why was she so shit?

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Relics of the past. I'll start.
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The final battle has begun
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Page 02.png
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Page 03.png
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The sugoi oppai have taken damage

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>Take your average Cape comic premise and plot
>Turn it into an anime
>It becomes massively successful
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Name ONE (1) other superhero-based anime that isn't a parody.
So when are we going to get a good X-men or Flash anime?

Who is the best anime mom? Not in terms of MILFyness, but just in terms of being a good parent?
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pic unrelated
When op has mommy issues
She's sexier after she got fat.

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All girls like headpats.
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doli haet headpat.gif
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