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Leafa is here to punish the bad boys.
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Sugu must have an interesting home-life if she's slutting it up like that online.

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>Fate/Extra and FGO both have the generic male protagonist
>Even though the female protagonists are more popular and featured in more promo material for the original games

I can understand F/E for that Self-Insert x Nero/Tamamo, but I'm pretty sure Gudako is a helluva lot more popular and acknowledged than Gudao, whose only noted canon trait is being a raging faggot for Astolfo.
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They need to appeal to the masses not the existing fans
>More Popular
No sweetie, only the meme rifyu Gudako version is loved to that extent

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>I read Shojo
Really overrated. It's okay at best.
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I know an adaptation wouldn't work well, but one can dream.

Of course we have a baka gaijin on tumblr to thank for these leaks.
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Hes so cute.

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This anime would be incredibly mediocre if it was standalone; however, the fact that it builds off of and subverts so many expectations from its predecessor makes it legitimately a marvelous work and perhaps GAINAX's best.
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I completly agree.
It's pretty unique and interesting in that aspect.
>the state of /a/

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Why does Ayako's development seem so forced to me? It just feels so... artificial.

Maybe it's because I just like the dark and edgy Ayako, or maybe it's because I read everything in less than 2 hours. Hell, maybe it's because Toda is pretty much the perfect 'popular' archetype. Whatever it is, something just feels off and forced.

Is it just me? What does /a/ think about this series?
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It's implied that visual representations of thoughts are unconsciously made by Ayako herself, meaning that it was her who imagined going full lewd with Toda.
Mana is pretty much confirming that in the latest pages, since Aya can't analyse this shit without wanting to jump off the window.
so the text is real but images aren't?

Do they fug?
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It's a Japanese manga.

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>this is considered progress
sasuga Japan
What a betamax

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How is noone talking about this?
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As I've been saying since the pictures dropped for it, its gonna look better in motion, which it does! Rohan looks fantastic

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Released in 1972 and still nothing has come close to this classic. What went so right?
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Devilman isn't good. The goofy parts aren't entertaining and the serious parts are too dumb to be taken seriously. It's just a bunch of shitty fights with an extra coat of gore.
The early parts of the story were just pure good fun. But even there you had great stuff like the completely violent and animalistic fight against sirene or jinmen. Or just Ryo's antics as a whole.

The later story progression is one of the craziest in all of manga. Its not suprising why a lot of future artists were inpsiried and influenced by it(Berserk, Clamp, Parasyte, Bastard etc). It pushed boundaries and managed to convey a message of love and war that is still and probably will always be relevant.

Devilman for all its faults had heart and thats what makes it a classic.
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It had plenty of great girl, especially pic related.

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Akane or Hanabi, who would you choose ?
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Hanabi. I don't hate Akane or anything, I just think she's adorable.
the dyke
I would marry Akane.

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My 4chan pass account is banned for advertising when I never did? Please help...
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So this chapter...in and of itself it's interesting. But really, Togashi is fucking in love with these micro micro interactions.

Would you rather a loli witch or a JK witch?
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Witch Chitanda.
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Both! Witches need mana. I'll be happy to donate.
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This JK witch.

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It's been a while.

Twin Daikaiju - Showdown in Dreamland

The Wall Between You And Me

The Struggles Of A Great Leader

How are you coping with the end of Queens?
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>only feels like chatting with her coworker once she brings up how everyone missed her when she left
Sasuga Rulah.
>Top Girl is dead
>people still watch this trash
KANG when!?

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name a more alpha protagonist
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yami is like a 2000 year old gambling demon thing playing kids card games with other kids 1/100th his age
actual thread of this kind that I agree with OP. OP is not a faggot.
>2000 year old gambling demon thing playing kids card games with other kids


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