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What is your opinion on this and the upcoming anime adaptation?
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I don't have an opinion.
Someone please givd me a quick rundown on shieldbro
Typical Isekai. I really don't get why people like it so much around here. I thought it would be a cool story about a guy doing cool shit with his shield, but it's your typical MC gets wronged so now he has an edgy streak about him and gets edgy powers.

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What is this body good for?
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Marriage. Hand holding. Cuddling in dark after marriage.

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Pass the salt 2.png
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What else would you expect from somebody who uses ms paint?
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I am this.

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It reached chapter 1000, still enjoying the series /a/?
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Eh. I'm still waiting for somebody to upload those missing chapters to secretclub.
When will it end? I hate the sharper art style and the cases are starting to blur. At this point the fucker is continuing this just for the sake of it.
I recently read through the whole series. If I see one more college club with a former member they don't like to talk about for some reason I might actually kill myself.

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Reminder that Patty is best Tsurezure girl

The rest are still pretty great though
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She has a dirty mind.

What are you talking about?

She's just interested in sushi
The best girl is still Kamine, even if she's a complete slut when it comes to Gouda.

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New chapter >>160373754

Read it and make fun of Eraser Head for being shit!
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Mount Lazy.webm
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Friendly reminder.
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Is Deku the "kid appeal" character?

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Very soon

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I am going to be disappointed if it don't happen this ep
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will that play in tomorrow's episode?

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post like ur favourite scene from any anime anon
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>Top tier waifus ruined by otherwise shity animes built around them
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Mira a cute
>i don't know what "waifu" means

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Who's the best Amagami and why is it Morishima-senpai?
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You obviously meant Ayatsuji-san.
Clearly sex hair lads
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Reminder that the amagamis are all OBJECTIVELY equally best.

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Kirito and that guy in the OP
I clicked on this thread because Re Zero.
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Shirou Emiya

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Thats even worse.png
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New chapter out : #45
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Page 01.png
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Page 02.png
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Page 03.png
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Who wins?
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pucker up slut
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rinshan cuckhou
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Less than 2 days left for EP4
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Why is Ange so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
Is this show still flopping hard?
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well, confirmed for shit, not that there were any doubts about that
>dark misa
>For one thing, compared to Goth Lolita model / pop idol Misa Amane in the Japanese version of Death Note, Mia is much less glamorous, less of a Light fangirl and more manipulative and dark, with her own agenda
>dark Black is ''cooler''
>But just as Light and Mia are American distillations of their Japanese counterparts, this American L is more of a cool, serious sleuth than loveable eccentric (schmarfing down handfuls of Skittles isn't that eccentric). When the movie hits its third act, as L and Light's battle of wits ramps up, L also careens toward a different fate than his manga counterpart. This is probably not going to be a popular opinion, but I preferred Stanfield's L to the manga L, because he brought a degree of passion and emotional complexity to the character that made him one of the more interesting characters in this cast. That said, there's not much chemistry between L and Light as they match wits, so I don't expect a lot of BL/slash doujinshi to come out of this film.
>boring Ryuk, even from a paid review
>Even with Dafoe as his voice, the movie Ryuk is also more of a one-dimensional demon, who lacks some of the quirky, humorous aspects of his personality that made him kind of likeable in the manga. Also absent are the rest of the Shinigami posse who help readers understand Ryuk's backstory.
All 12 fucking volumes
>This movie condenses the 12-volume Death Note story into a single 101-minute feature film, vs. the 37-episode animated version or the nearly 4-hour Japanese movie that was split up into two films. As a result, many characters and details seen in the original series were simply omitted, mostly to keep the action moving at a brisk pace.

source: shitty ann review http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/feature/2017-07-26/did-netflix-make-a-decent-death-note-film/.119342
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Do these people not understand that live adaptations are garbage.
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>this whole post
This is shockingly bad.

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