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>Last weekend, the studio behind popular anime from Full Metal Achemist: Brotherhood to My Hero Academia was the subject of film screening event Shin Bungeiza × Anime Style Selection Vol 95:. Bones Night 'Akushon Anime' wa Iizo! Producer/presenter Masahiko Minami and director Masahiro Ando were on hand with moderator Yuichiro Oguchi for screenings of 35mm prints of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heaven's Door, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conquer Of Shamballa and Ando's Sword of the Stranger.

>News out of the event included that progress is being made on a further anime adaptation of ONE's Mob Psycho 100 anime - the 2012 web manga was previously adapted into a summer 2016 TV anime - and that September 29th 10th anniversary of Sword of the Stranger might see some news from that title.


>We're going to see Mogami's arc animated in our lifetime
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I'm fucking ready.
Today is a good day.

i loved the dub

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Spoilers are out

On the 5th day of walking through the forest they finally reach the end, and stay a night to rest underground.
When Sonju witnessed the children efficiently setting up for dinner, he agrees that they are indeed a Higher Grade.
After eating, they start to plan what will they do next. When discussing matters, Sonju (not sure if it's him) stated that in contrary to what Sister Krone said, there are unlikely to be any Human Societies in the Demon World.
When asked about the farms he said there are plenty of them but very few of the are as High Tier as Grace Fields.
Most of them are Mass Production (Battery) farms where children are mechanically bred without being able to move. Those humans are not given a name. And they don't intend to escape.
There are around 100 Battery Farms but only 4 High End "Organic" ones.
Something about people being stolen from the high end farms (not sure 100% but sounds like this).
There's something about a specific demon that attacks those high end farms and possibly has something to do with the disappearances. (Not 100% sure about this part. Kanji is hard to read.)
Musica is worried about Emma. Emma promises to do her best to save her family.
They start talking about their memories. Emma talked about Norman and the way she convinced him to come up with a plan to save her siblings.
Emma tells Musica that she doesn't seem like other demons at all, then apologizes.
She then asks about demons appearances.
Musica says that they've been changing (evolving) throughout the last 1000 years.
She says that this is the first time she has ever seen a Human, and tells Emma that she is happy that they were able to become friends.
On the 6th day, Ray enters a password into the pen.
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Reminder that ray x Emma is endgame with Norman becoming the antagonist

no that's what ruined bleach
what ruined bleach was the shit writing

Madman vs Madman.
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I feel sorry for this thread, so here's a post.
1 more week until Kei gets blown the fuck out
why? how?

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Never had Melonpan so nopan for me
Which is better?

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Literally nothing happens: the episode
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Mangafags will defend this
>implying I don't hate this
He hates it

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I like ntr

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Tell me why Toradora is the best love story of all time. And you better say nice things about Taiga.
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We already have a Toradora thread retard
Ugly girl, very overrated anime overall
You sound like an actual queer dude. Or you're a 5 year old who thinks chicks are gross.

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What is "genuine", /a/?
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This show was genuinely bad.
forced drama

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>Vlad The Impaler
>Jeanne D' Arc
>Uncle Shakes
These servants are well known individuals and their names alone can hype the audience up. How come Apocrypha is such a huge fucked up? What went wrong?
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Have you ever popped a balloon?
It's basically like that.
A1 Pictures
A1 Pictures

And more broadly, Fate is a very strong lesson about how a good premise can be totally wasted by incompetence and shit writing. It's only propped up by brand-name awareness now.

What's her appeal?
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Prime bullying.
Fluffy pubic hair.
she makes me want to pat her floofy hair

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Is this finished yet?
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I dunno
last time I read it was when hole-kun was REEEEing over magic users.
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It's been 50 something days since the last chapter. It feels like it's ready for wrapping up but god knows when that's going to happen.

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Why are pics of Ann and Makoto so hard to find /a/?
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Because yaoifags are clogging up the market

akechi was a mistake

Don't forget to be a good husband and kiss your wife when you leave for work /a/.
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Is this a JoJo reference? Oh my God!!!!!!!
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I love that country song

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That art doesn't look like kyoani at all.
The fight scenes in their SOL shows were unironically top tier
I see nothing in there that mentions KyoAni.

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