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starring pretty girls
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Rape. No other purpose.
>her story starts with averted rape
>would have died or get raped by Adon if not Guts
>Pinned down and stripped later, escaped
>Her first time, strangled and hate-fucked by Guts
>Somewhat raped by Wylad
>Gangbanged by demons
>Raped by Femto
>Almost raped by a goat
>Raped by bandits
>Raped and bitten by Guts
First thing to happen after she un-potatos she is going to get raped by brownies.
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Hmm what a delicious ass, can't blame Griffith.
Given that the rape is the only part of the series you guys are interested in and the only thing about it you guys ever talk about, what's the problem here?
>you guys
What did he mean by this

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Which universe is next?
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If 5, U10 gets erased in three episodes.

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What happened to Ikuhara?

Haven't heard anything from him since Yurikuma flopped
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You can't rush art.
Watched Sailor Moon Crystal then gave up on making anime, realizing he was bested at the only thing he was known for

Was last seen as a hermit near Mt Fuji harrassing little boys
There was a 14 year gap between Utena and Penguindrum.

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ITT: Great shows that suffer from shitty 00's production values
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They don't suffer from it though, unless you're a massive casual.
There's something comfy on mid 00s animation.
is it the comfort of knowing that it was all animated digitally at broadcast resolution of 480p and you can literally never EVER make an HD remaster?

What went wrong?
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Jesus! What is that, some kind of alien?
Hey guys, welcome to EB Games.
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Dem necks

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megumin i win.gif
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Have you ever picked up an anime simply because because you read a doujin, knowing full well that the source material wasn't going to be anything like that?
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>reading doujins before watching the anime
I did that constantly in the past, in fact that was how I chose my anime back then

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Kall Cockblock Edition
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For those of you wondering how this worked.
Link : http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hswzZ0K#list/path=%2F

Pass : 53yc
Also the ch title is funny, but there's no cockblock. He finishes before they show up.

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Van deserved better than this shit.
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he still has the catgirl
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say something nice.jpg
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What did they mean by this?
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Never talk to me or my daughter ever again.
I want to make Yoshiko a sister.
major kek

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asuka in doorframe.png
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>female peer comes in the middle of the night and lays down with you wearing nothing but a nightgown
>initially try to kiss her but decide not to

What was he thinking? Was he holding out for his wizard powers?
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Misato > Asuka > Rei
he was waiting for misato
Hes a coward if they had sex we wouldve gotten a happy ending
When you're depressed, insecure and inexperienced, and she's fucking crazy, there's no shortage of reasons for nothing to happen.

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Confess you're sins, /a/.
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I never finished Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo. Watched 2/3rds of it and just exited out MPCHC.
To this day its the only movie I've ever "dropped".
I masturbate.
I liked the ending

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Evangelion site got updated to show this.

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Asuka a best. Rei a shit.
Both have pros and cons however Misato a best
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Ded Chidori.
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>ded MVP
They better hope not.
ded thread
Not too much happening, I guess.

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So... Kill La Kill is basically what you get if Gurren Lagan and Evagelion copulated and made an illegitimate offspring?
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No, it's what you get when you make minor changes to Re:Cutie Honey.
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Is Trigger the new Gainax?
>illegitimate offspring

Yes, because they have so many similarities. Such as both having female main characters, and so on.

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