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i hate that song
My God, I believe in you, I worship you, I wait for you and I love you. I ask forgiveness for those who don't believe in you, don't worship you, don't wait for you and don't love you.

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Why do the Japanese treat animators like shit? Why won't they just give them wages they can actually live off of?
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Japanese people are robots
Because the yakuzas who own the animation company need the money for they yakuza things, d´uh.
>why are the eastern jews total jews?
Because they are jews?
What are you trying to get at?

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How much did you cry? Be honest.
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>Soundtrack 6

I admit that some of the songs were quite generic, but it wasn't that forgettable nor bad.
Will get back to you when I watch it this weekend.

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>230MB per 720p episode
>still looks like shit

just fucking how?
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> downloading 20min 720p that is compressed below 500MB

Talk about being retarded..
you see, videos can be encoded(compressed) in different ways(codecs), that together with the amount of data per second of video determine the final quality.
try to remember when many years ago you could fit a whole movie on a CD(about 700MB) - that was low resolution and looked bad, and now in 700MB you can fit a 720p movie that looks decent enough
there are a lot of parameters that determine the final quality though, all related to the amount of data per second of video, and choosing them inappropriately can lead to very heavy but still low quality videos

so basically you downloaded a video that was poorly encoded(compressed)
next time find a better encoding, maybe search for 10bit and h265/HEVC stuff
Find better rips and buy more storage, poorfag.

Is Kobayashi a virgin?
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>maid otaku with 8 to 20 work schedule in modern japan

Not after i get done with her
Read the manga, where your question is answered clearly and simply by Kobayashi herself.

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Chapter 74 Korean Scans:

Cute girls doing delinquent things.
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Why didn't this bland piece of shit get axed? What went wrong?
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New episode today. Hopefully it picks up since a lot of people have been losing interest in this show, not that I really blame them.
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They really shit the bed with the second season. Bad decision after bad decision in making it. First season had its issues, but at least it was fun and exciting throughout.
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They clearly don't want the show to have "Favaro part" and "no Favaro part" so he comes and goes, but it's frustrating.
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People lost interest because of the focus on Charioce and Nina. Jeanne's story is boring too. They fucked up badly with Virgin Soul. The only things that are keeping me from dropping this show are Rita, Kaisar and Favaro. It says a lot when the main characters from the first season are the only things that are carrying this show.

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Looks like Kyoani peaked in 2007.
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I'll say that Lucky Star peaked in 2007.
Looking back on Lucky Star I can definitely see why I disliked it. To think this was what KyoAni had to follow up from Haruhi and how abysmal it looks.

Speaks volumes it was littered with references to Haruhi as well.
Lucky Star looks better than Haruhi.

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Chapter 54 Raws
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Literally worst girl ruining every episode she appears in
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my wife
Wow this is rude and you are literally a faggot m8.
I wanna grab her from behind and confess my undying love to her, then keep hugging as she tries her hardest to misunderstand.

Haven't had autismoe this hard since relife.

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Nyanko is love
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Rou a best.
nyan manko more liko
Yuri Days.

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can we have one?
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No danchou today?
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>In the end, we truly were: Bahamut's Virgin Souls.
cheerio's last words before the revived bahamut steps on him
>cool armor
>teleports behind you

Onyx danchou>Orleans danchou.

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Daily reminder that Telecom only did Aikatsu just to fund for Blue Jacket Lupin III.
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Daily reminder that Ichigo is my wife.

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Admit it, you used to think AMV Hell was hilarious
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I get that you're lonely and are just looking for kindred spirits with which to share your long lost fondness. However, I can't answer you because I've never seen them.
infinite redos of the Azumanga OP I loved indeed
tfw used to be a useless ham handed anon in the times anyone, everyone could make a gif or flash animation, or a ps edit on the go. Now all those persons are either happy in bigger life or gesokyo'd themselves. Pls don't be a stagnating shit like me op.

I still think it's pretty funny, but most of the jokes feel dated.

I participated in, like, AMV Hell 5

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