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How did she become so popular so fast?
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by ticking all the boxes that smelly weebs find the most appealing
They're not even weebs and that's what pisses me off. They're this new breed of ironic weebs that are even worse than what we used to call "newfags"
Suck self-insert MC's dick as hard as she can

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How far will they adapt?

Place your bets
Also, try to keep the shitposting to a minimum.
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Haven't seen the new chapter yet. Have they reached Ozen's place?
They stopped at arriving the 2nd layer.

no chance for bon arc now

so sad

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God I love that slutty girl
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What kind of gigafaggot you should be to not lose your fucking virginity with her?
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How did we go from Amagami girls to this fucking garbage

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What is the appeal of worthless shut-in/NEET girls?
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The appeal that she is worthless as you are while looking great.
>hot girl
Does not compute
The girl part.

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This is Yui.
Say something nice about her.
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dumb chipmunk slut
Something nice about her.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I love you all
but I hate it
Is there a Blame version?
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Hiro did it once

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iTT Beautiful anime girls

It doesnt matter if she is a good character or not or if she is pure or an slut or if the series is shit or not

I will start with Shizuku from Ballroom e youkoso
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She's beautiful and good as her own show.
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More like Shituku.

Which New Game would make the best mom?
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Hifumi in 20 years.
None of them because they're all lesbians.
Which New Game would you make a mom best?

More like Snorobako, am I right?
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No (You)s for you
making Anime? more like animaking me fall asleep!
What were the donuts meant to represent?

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Kabru is being intolerable asshole and MC and samurai are having a bout. Farin is a dragon hybrid ans is looking for the king. Lack of the elf girl and monster cooking disappoint me.
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Why would he tell him? I mean, Laius is kind of stupid but even he knows that shit is taboo.
He only told sureau, who was a friend and he probably knew had a thing for his sister. Full disclosure to one guy you trust seems fair enough to me.

cat bitch blabbing it to the whole group was uncalled for.
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I feel you, OP.

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Why won't he just stop making these threads?
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Why don't you kill him?
Why didn't he just bang Nunnally?
Why is Kallen so superior to CC?

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High quality

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>*record scratch* *freeze frame*
>'yep, that's me. I bet you're wondering how I got myself into this mess.'
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>tfw no season 3 announcement even after ova
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>*record scratch* *freeze frame*
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sorry i missed it looks like its confirmed

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You can only choose one.
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Best Testament
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Yuasa's Devilman will be AOTY.
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Looks pretty bad to be honest

Low budget even
Agreed,I like abstract art,like one piece movie 6,Ping pong the animation,but Devilman isn't that type of story
I feel ashamed that I'm only hearing this now.

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