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>The larval stage of the eyebrow butterfly crawls along the ground looking for cake
>one mugipillar is capable of devouring 3 times its weight in cake in under an hour
>once it has increased its weight sufficiently, it will begin to excrete a long string of 100 yen notes
>creating a cocoon around itself with this string of money, it will entomb itself and go through a marvelous change!
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Thanks David Attenborough
That’s it, you see. I am not a leader nor even a guide. A god. Remember that. I am quite different from leaders and guides. Gods need take no responsibility for anything except genesis. Gods accept everything and thus accept nothing. Gods must be identifiable yet remain anonymous. Gods do not need a spirit world. My spirits dwell within me, answerable to my slightest summons. I share with you, because it pleases me to do so, what I have learned about them and through them. They are my truth.
Myths are your truths?

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What do you think of Karen Kujo?
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She was instrumental in securing Britain's future as separate from the failing EU project, and guarding our southern border from the hordes of barbaric desert niggers.
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BEST voice.

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As soon as Re:Zero stops airing everyone will forget it ever existed and stop talking about it.

Just like Kill la Kill.
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Well it's only expected.
It got only popular because Rem started to shine and caused the waifu shitposting. It's the same in Japland as well.
People will forget about this when waifuwarring stop.
Re:Zero is actually more forgettable though.
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I like it.
I like the discussions it spawns.
I like the OC.
I like the shitposters.
I like the spammers.
I like Rem.
I like Emilia.
I like Puck.
I like fucking everyone.
II will never forget my appreciation for this show and everything it birthed.

Except for Subaru. Fuck him..

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Wait, when did /a/ become worksafe?
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Since forever. Are your brain made of glue?
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ESL posters never cease to amuse me
I don't think /a/ should be worksafe.

Why do we care about protecting regular human beings with jobs and a social life browsing /a/ in public?

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Is this still being scanlated? There's only 16 chapters left and they've been out since 2008.
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I need it to be finished :(
Why would you read this ragebait horseshit?

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Did we ever learn who was responsible for "casting" Teori Tadatsuru? What was the purpose behind settin him up to kidnap Araragi's loved ones? Does the book go into more detail on that?

Tsukimonogatari seemed like one of the only mysteries that never got solved in all of Monogatari. There was no resolution for the arc.

Someone help me out on this /a/
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literally spelled it out that it's all gaen and ougi

But at the end doll-chan just says that Gaen and Yozuru wanted her to stay with Araragi. I still don't get how Ougi fits into it, with all the "proper" stuff.

You're saying Ougi tipped off Tadatsuru about Araragi, and Gaen wanted him dead for trying to get doll-chan? Or something like that?

Help me out here....



did lelouch really died?
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>typing like a retard
Who are you quoting?

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Let's talk about manga that you don't see discussed often. For example, pic related is a nice body swapping murder mystery. Seems like it's ending soon, too.
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>nice body swapping murder mystery
There's a reason why no one gives a shit about it.
Don't be like those pretentious save he whales hipsters who go after unpopular series; just because they're not popular like you are and feel sorry for them.

If it's not performing well, it isn't. Putting out a series or anything is hard work. There's really no magic formula at the professional level; that's how these things go.
>go after unpopular series
Never even knew it was unpopular until you said it.

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Anime got boring...
I hate that all new anime gets only enough funding for 12 eps. I've watched everything that's considered good. I watched most of the anime movies, cause those are full-length with complete stories. Now I just watch the new Naruto and One Piece episodes every week and that's it.
Anyone else has this issue?
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Not a direct issue but I do have a cousin with mental problems.
Fuck off.
>I hate that all new anime gets only enough funding for 12 eps
Whats wrong with 1-cour series? Not to mention this is blatantly false, pic related are all shows that started in 2016 and have already passed 12 episodes

> I've watched everything that's considered good.
MAL? I highly doubt this since you dont seem to actually watch new shows aside from big 3, and good new shows are always coming out every season

Just admit you are burnt out, take a break and most importantly follow this anon's advice >>146327636

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best grill.png
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Why didn't best grill win?
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She did.
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mangaka are sad losers so they write pure, innocent girls who do nothing wrong just for them to suffer

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Strong legged girls appreciation thread
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This is now a homOTP thread.
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Mor is perfection.

Fuck off and go make a homOTP thread. I'll join you there.

Ok, fuck. Anyone remember this show called "Kimba The White Lion". I remember specifically a scene where gets shot by some lady and he dies.
Traumatized me as a kid for years since I watched it religiously. Now I can't find that scene anywhere. Do you guys remember any of this shit or am I crazy?
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Old syndicated Tezuka cartoons are notoriously difficult to find; mostly because their licencing is so rare.
Thanks Disney
Try a private tracker.

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Boku no Hero.png
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> Illegal Heroes
> The Punisher seriously
> Did he watch Suicide Squad, Netflix's Daredevil...
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> Iron Fist
> Daredevil's black mask
Plagiarism spotted
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Did you really edit the name for the sake of shitposting?
> Shitposting
Freedom of speech you retard. But don't worry the moderation will delete his post because he's pointing out the truth.

Would a Pillar Man's enhanced senses let them perceive Stands?
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What would be Kars' stand ?
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Mob Psycho chapter 96 (part 4) is done. I actually really like the direction this is going, there is a certain urgency.
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