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I was thinking about having a shortstack for dinner
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Cannibalism is illegal, Anon.
I had a stack of pancakes for dinner last night.

What does it mean when I want to tenderly care for Izumi and hope to have a novel dedicated in return? Best Takanashi

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Why is the writer of One Piece so soulless?

Whenever I read the weekly Jump comments his comments are always about BUY THIS NEW ONE PIECE THING, or CHECK OUT THIS NEW ONE PIECE CROSSOVER or WATCH THIS NEW ONE PIECE MOVIE

Does he even right his comments or is he too good and just lets Jump put whatever shilling they want into it?
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He is probably just boring. He isn't the writer of HxH who takes time off for health reasons or to play the latest new JRPG
I'd imagine he wanted to say some personal stuff but editorial didn't like it so he just said screw it.
well the other authors don't have movies or crossovers so they can't write about it.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I hate it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

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Kiniro mosaic.

Why is this show so popular?
I tried watching it because of the Karen meme but I couldn't go past the 3rd episode.

It's just another generic moe bullshit slice of life/ high school anime.

The animation is forcing me to vomit. And what is with the "Japanese don't know English" meme? Every time anyone speaks English i cringe so hard. The accent is so pretentious it hurts.

OK, I liked Karen when she was introduced. Maybe I could continue watching it just because of her. But all the other characters are so """"cute"""" that I want to beat them wit a baseball bat and then set them on fire.

Should I give it another chance?
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Karen is the best reason to watch it.
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>Should I give it another chance?
No, go back to /v/

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What does /a/ think of Sae?
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Sae has a penis.
Her and fatty were my least favorite characters in that anime. Good thing the blonde and Yuno were there to save.
Biggest whore there is.

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transparent kubo2.png
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We color Kubo.
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Dubs beat me to it.
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gave him a background instead

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This is my daughter
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She is in heat.
can I fuck your daughter?
That's my wife.

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Can we have one of these?
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Template as always
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I love my emperor!
Sounds like you can

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I've done nothing but watch shitty moe/cute girl anime all day. When did I become this broken?
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The list so far is Yuru Yuri, k-on, watamote, Oreimo, and now new game.
you say that like its a bad thing anon
Welcome to /a/nonhood. You are now one of us.

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>the feels when you know you will never be able to read this doujin
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Or the sequel
Good, Kino should not be sexualized.
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It's not like I want you to post in this tsundere thread or anything baka.
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It's not like I wanted you to come or anything.
>posts the shittest, most generic tsundere ever
Are male tsunderes allowed?

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l've just finished this manga. What the fuck was that ending? They didn't explain anything! What happens to Ueno and Shimada? lt's like the producers ran out of money and said "welp guys, we gotta end here"

l did really like this manga, l really did. What a dissapointment
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What? Ueno got a conclusive-ish ending. She married best girl.
Ueno got married to me and Shimada died in a car crash
This bread is also good bread.

I'm done with Hidamari, more importantly, would you marry a Yoshinoya?
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yoshi's ded m8

Why is this allowed on TV?
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Sex when?
I want to punch the faggot MC in his face.

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