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How did a series that started with such promise end up being so shit?
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There is your problem. Anon.
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Because no one else but Based Haruto became a S.T.A.L.K.E.R

But then he died
And they never showed the part where they reveal that he's literally immortal

Also the 360┬░NoScope was cool
Wait, how was there ever any promise? This series was awful from the get-go. Didn't even pass my 3 episode test.

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Why is anime so euphoric?
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*tips fedora*
It helped create euphorics.
Not watching Clangserk, but the show on the left is literally Fedora Tipper: The Anime

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What are some other examples of anime that transcends the typical shounen shoujo moe bullshit?
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synecdoche new york
How about the request board you retarded fuck
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Thoughts on Yuki Yuna? I heard good things about it, but found it hard to get into. Most things in it felt a little too conventional, and the things I thought stood out from other series of its genre got too little time. Fu was pretty great, and the religious angle was interesting, but Karin felt like a character I've seen dozens of times before. The ost and visual direction likewise didn't seem much out of the ordinary.

Am I missing the appeal, or was it just an ordinary mahou shoujo?
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For me the greatest appeal was the emotional catharsis in the last few episodes, but it only worked because they managed to make me care enough about the characters, something which watching it weekly, discussing it with /a/ and reading the side materials while it was still airing helped a lot with. I also liked the way the unveiled the setting, but again, side materials and weekly discussion made it more enjoyable.
I'd say it's the kind of show that only hits the right notes if you can get invested enough during the ride.
Also the last episode was rushed and should've been split into two. /a/ agreed, don't bother him about it.
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She's gay! She's actually gay!
>side materials
I remembered reading that they really helped in a thread before I watched it, and there did seem to be a lot of small details in the setting that really could have used more elaboration.

And the catharsis at the end definitely hit all the right notes.

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So now that the dust has settled and the shitposting stopped can we all agree that she is Best girl and deserves to Win?
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only watched it for.
OP I'm usually OK with shows that are just fan service, but I couldn't get past episode 3 of Hundred.
it takes dedication

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Was she *actually* autistic?
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She was perfect
nah, she wasnt even human
What symptoms of autism did she have?
Even when she was a closed-off cold nerd at school she still made friends.

She's haughty because she's better than everyone else around her, and is painfully aware of that fact.

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I don't like Chinatsu!
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Fuck you, she's cute and lewd.
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Brat and China are ugly!
i don't mind her but i hate bart

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You've been making threads about this manga for like 3 days why don't you post the name?

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There aren't people that actually prefer Mary over Yumeko, right?
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>not flat
No thanks.
Stop reminding me this exists unless there's a new chapter out.
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Make me, nerd.

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Is twintail Tsukihi objectively the best Tsukihi?
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Short haired Tsukihi is best.
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Skii he is garbage.
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Second half Nise Tsukihi is the best.

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Create a Cake! Pick 2:

>surrogate mother
>office worker
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Just like my real life
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>alcoholic cake.
Fuck no that's nasty, Casual sure.

officer worker and virgin are probably the best combination you can make.
Congrats on not being depressed.

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Why nobody is talking about this?

ghost in the shell used to be serious
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I think they got most of them good.

Then you have Boma and Togusa...

God dammit
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I just don't care. I never watch live acting shit anyway.

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Who is your favourite character?
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Gon, Pika, Chrollo, Leorio, Bisky.
Hisoka, Chrollo, Gon, Kurapika, Leorio. In that order.
Hisoka, Ging, Meruem, Morel, Kurapika

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I'm sorry if I am late to the train, I don't know if I can be late to a series that has 3 published chapters but oh well but this shit is fucking amazing.

I thought the start of My Hero Academia was great, but this one is so over the top good I really though I was reading something NOT from WSJ.

It reminded me a lot of Shin Sekai and Attack on titan, but with better art style.

I hope it stays interesting.
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looks shit, never seen it before

will read and come back
but its shit anon
prison break shit has been overdone
besides the are is terrible
The prison break stuff is just the introduction, the newest chapter begins setting-up the main meat of the manga.

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