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Why are they all standing on a fucking roof? Did they climb it just to fucking stand there? It will fucking collapse under so many fucking people. That's fucking retarded.
Why do landwhales like this shit?
Touken Ranbu, more like fucknig dumb.
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It's from official twitter.
Because it's cool.

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and why is Kyoko Karigiri?

>she's smart.
>she's cool and collected.
>she helps the player in the first game.
>she also pretty to boot.

Yet she seems less popular than some of the other characters out there. Why is this?
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You can't even spell the game's name right.
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She also has a high probability of being on the spectrum.

Also, pic related.
She's the third most popular character in the series.

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Serious question: Why didn't josuke use his stand on the button?

Either the button starts flying towards kira's jacket or the jacket starts forming around the button, either way they end up with the full jacket, which would be much easier to work with than just the button?
Fuck off, /tv/.
I don't think the button would fly back at a speed that josuke and co could realistically follow, they'd probably just lose the button and their only lead

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Dengeki Daioh is out. Raw might come in tonight. Post Yotsuba images!
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One more old leak from two days ago.

My heart feels toyed, nigga.
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I hope you guys like new chapter.

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Why is this show so BORING?
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Is it?
I'm guessing because it's yuri. They're always boring.
I'd be happier if it were only boring. As it is, it's just plain irritating, with that whistle-blowing retard muppet.

Disappointment of the season.

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literally my wife.png
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I'm going to marry Mariandale!
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happy marian.gif
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Something wrong?

Sure, she's fine husbando... take her.

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Maids are great.
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In Soviet Gainos, maid raep YOU!
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People need post in this thread

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This was in your locker, anon.
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Why is the challenge letter sweating?
>no postage stamp
>no sender address
I am not accepting this letter.
Why the fuck were you in my locker?

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>New episode comes out
>Its a recap
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>the next episode has a recap of the recap in the first 3 minutes of the episode
>there's 2 minutes of plot relevant material interspersed
>It's made by Sunrise.

File: vhiivlckpf3mricwkxu1.png (1MB, 1015x596px)Image search: [Google]
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> Running too long
> Most redundant repetitive story in Anime history
> Too much focus on Luffy
> Atrocious comedy
> Childish, catering to 8 year olds
> Long opening and Pointless filler segments
> Terrible animation
> Awfully slow

Someone explain to me despite all this, why is this anime still rated so high by tards?
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Most japanese hate One piece.
Learn english, retard. Almost everything you said is subjective, One Piece is a manga first and foremost.
>>Too much focus on Luffy
Nothing wrong with focusing on the main character unlike bleach where the MC is not given focus for 4 years.

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What's the difference between a king and his horse?
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You can't horse a king but you can king a horse


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good writing.png
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Good writing
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Pff, OP clearly fell for Sakamoto666's trick, how foolish fufufufu~
Does he get raped by those?
>Stronger than the demon lord.
Okay, I can buy thi-

>Crazy Mantis.
My sides.

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potato casca.jpg
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This was used to pitch the Golden Age trilogy to Miura in 2008, featuring random scenes from the Golden Age and Conviction arcs, along with a few pictures of Puck and potato Casca. A few shots from this 70 second pilot were inserted into the GA trilogy opening.

At least we get footage of post-Eclipse Guts fighting the Holy Iron Chain Knights with better animation.
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casca 3.jpg
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>tfw this was originally going to be like 9 movies but Miura progressed the story at a snail's pace for 8 years
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just a prank bro.jpg
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>the boat

File: kaiji2-5-1.png (320KB, 697x394px)Image search: [Google]
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>OP starts
What the fuck?
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OP is Orks.
It's probably a technique to bring your attention to the song, since you might be too distracted like an idiot with something else, the scream brings your focus to the song.
Why is his nose so big?

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What do you predict for the future of SAO? What will be the next arc?
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Is this some james bond shit?
As things are, the next arc is set up nicely to segue into AW. I hope Reki realizes the main SAO storyline is reaching its natural end.
>What do you predict for the future of SAO? What will be the next arc?
The story ends here.

However, the battles of Kirito and Asuna,
Leafa and Sinon and others,
And Alice will be continued.

The next time they and their descendants,
Once again take up swords,
Was something that happened,
At the final, greatest battlefield:
‘The War of Intelligence Space’.

All Possibilities,
Right now is only at,
The other side of the Light,
Fluctuating slightly.
Only Fluctuating slightly.

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