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well that was fucking nuts
become super hitler just so the world can gang up on you..

was there really no better option?
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The answer is always to become super Hitler.
>was there really no better option?
I don't think CG is a show about making very rational decisions.

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Misaka 10032 is my waifu and she is the best, I don't want to hear anything bad about her
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A clone that is more noteworthy than the original is certainly something to be proud of.
Nice waifu, anon.
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180,000 yen new
150,000 yen used
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Thanks anon, we both appreciate your good taste

Is he the worse major villain OAT in a Shonen? I mean, I know Rurouni Kenshin doesn't have a lot of room to work with, given its grounded in quasi-historical realism and samurai lore, but still.

>had his opponent's best move revealed to him because he was forced to use it twice.
>used underhanded tactics to gain the upperhand.
>got BTHO by Kenshin before he could even use his best move which was another flashy circus trick.
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It's not easy when your elite squad is essentially circus freaks and your huge ass warship gets destroyed by one grenade and a retard with a strong throwing arm.
Naraku from Inuyasha.
What was his goal anyway? Fuck Kikyou?

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So why can't my hero acadamia get a never ending anime adaptation like Naruto/Bleach/OnePiece?

It's definitely got the potential to be wildly popular. . .
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Ongoing shounen adaptations are dead. They've been dead for a few years now
Pretty much this. Remember World Trigger, Beelzebub and Toriko? Now compare their long running adaptations and the resulting "success" with Haikyuu, Shokugeki no Souma and Boku no Hero Academia with their seasonal adaptations.
>wanting a complete shit adaptation like OP, bleach, etc
I'd rather wait years for a second season than this shit again.

So the LN ended and it's rumored that ___Aika___ won. What are your thought on this?
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Sounds like an injustice of the worst sort.
Which shomin would you sample?
She's had the most time with the MC, she's also the girl that MC can relax and mess around with while he can't really do that with katana girl, the bitch VA or the doormat who is too proper and straightforward. And the little girl got daughterzoned.

All in all, it was kind of obvious.

I hate it...
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He hates it!

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Where were you when Hideaki Anno defeated ISIS?
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Right next to him.

Hi, I'm Miyazaki.
Looks like Miyazaki is giving order to the camera man to execute Anno.
Jerking off to Love Live porn.

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How do you really feel about Shingeki no Kyojin?
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It's a fun to show to watch with your little sister.
This. It's babby's first animu. Plot's all over the place with no real goal, voice acting and soundtrack are both awful. The only redeeming quality it has is in its design, the titans are pretty cool looking, but that's it.
Opinion fully discarded

>[HorribleSubs] Kyoukai no Rinne - 46 [720p].mkv
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pity bump

Renge and Kain finally next week
Dead thread.
Fuck I wish Suzu was in every episode, Love her.

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>tags: netorare
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Vanilla is the only good choice.
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Commit suicide
Someone's not a thinking man.

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Is this yuri?
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Reminder that Mary is kinda like Taylor Swift. Beautiful face, shit body with great legs but no thighs.
every kakegurui thread until the end of time

Welcome to page 10.

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Has there ever been a serious /a/ related character who was a justice vigilante and whom you agreed with?

And I mean unironically and at least almost consistently.

Normal mode:
The outcomes weren't particularly protected and redeemed by plot armor.
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Samurai Flamenco

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When will this meme end
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Currynigger is so awful, i'm happy he went full edgelord so that he has literally no redeeming features

Then there's Fairy Tail/Naruto's/black clover's "he won because he was fighting for someone he'd barely just met".
Yeah, "dear to him".

As in, "didn't care about the bitch until the plot put her in danger and he had a random change of heart".

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you can only choose one
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>only one

Fuck yours rules, I need Illya and Kuro in my life!
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Are swords available?
I want to fuck Miyu up her the butt while she drizzles her warm piss all over my balls..

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