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Post rare Hajime's
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Is this character going to have a purpose by the end or what
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Shadow Munakata.jpg
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Don't worry, Kirigiri will have Junko's most noticeable trait soon.
Being dead.

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ITT: 16 hour wage slaves
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>only 16
You got some shitty slave m8
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Pray for 16 hours.
What a time to be alive.

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We're going to space and shit for V3.
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I'm going with Monaca-chan fuck this gay earth.
Bottom. I don't care if she's a nurse, I can't tell what she has.

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Izuru gonna carry that weight
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Summary of yesterday's episode.
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Stay strong my Juzobros. We'll carry through this ride, my friends. Stay strong!
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Daily reminder Komaeda is the mastermind
Daily reminder chiaki is PIGSHIT and DEAD
Daily reminder Komaeda will win hajimebowl
Daily reminder Monokuma said the killing was being broadcast was referring to us watching the anime in the real world
Daily reminder DR3 is metafiction and Kodaka is going full Uchi

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Is he gonna win against wind dude?
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Well he's only the most talented student in the manga next to Bakugou.
>implying tape dude isn't the best
Isn't it currently Todoroki > Deku > Bakugou as the top 3?

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What do you think about Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san?
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I think that I need another chapter, and an official translation
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shibainuko-san is better
She needs a dicking.

Why is she so perfect?
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did ufo already adapted all of KnK novels?
Shuumatsu Rokuon isn't adapted and probably never will be.
waht is it about?

Did she ever 'love' him?
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ofc no lol not even close
when you get right down to it, what IS love? baby don't hurt me
The ending was so retarded I'm not even sure anymore

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Drop what you're doing and say nice things about Aqua!
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She's great with party tricks.
Her butt is above average
She is the most useful member of MC's party and has saved his life and the others more than once. It's just unfortunate that her actions sometimes put the team in debt, she's still the best though.

She deserves headpats.

How could this anime be better?
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How new are you, this aired a few months ago for christs sake
Fairly new. I meant how it could be better in a good way
Can't wait for the ''Kaichou is sick'' episode in fall.

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>Why do you like MC?
>Because he's nice
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If you don't like the answers you get, stop asking people.
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It used to make me angry, but now it only fills me with sadness.

You can't say "Because he's good at sports/music/science", you can't say "Because he can do X", you can't say anything with substance.
Because then the pathetic otaku without any skills, without any personal abilities or hobbies, would feel wounded, they'd think "She'd never like me, I'm not good at X. Like hell I'm buying the BDs"

And even the "Because he's nice" thing plays out on their pathetic mentalities.

Like a /r9k/ manchild, the typical basement dweller thinks that if you're not openly insulting women means you're nice. In real life, people are given compliments for niceness only when they're saint-tier good people. But otaku who've never stepped into the sun don't know that. They think that just because they've never done anything too bad (and how could they, as shutins who can't talk to people?), they must be 'nice' by process of elimination.

"I like MC because he's nice" is the most pathetic way an anime can pander to its audience.
It fills me with an enormous sadness every time, imagining the kind of already-dead delusional man who hears that and goes "Hehe, I'm nice too, she'd like me!"
Seriously, stop watching harem shows if you don't like harem staples.

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Voting went to see who was the Worst Jump Heroine


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What kind of monster would vote Kagura
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We literally just had this thread
post link

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Who is the best fire sister and why is it Tsukihi?
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>that foot
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damn it I never noticed thanks for ruining it for me
haha no

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Baka Duo simply best.
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This is the short of the season. Too bad it's buried in the middle of some other stuff.
Cancer-chan is fucking savage.
Saya a slut.

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More cast for Yuri!!! on Ice announced during the Summer Station event.
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オタベック・アルティン  cv.細谷佳正
キ・グァンホン       cv.本城雄太郎
クリストフ・ジャコメッティ cv.安元洋貴
ジャン・ジャック・ルロワ  cv.宮野真守
ピチット・チュラノン    cv.小野賢章
ミケーレ・クリスピーノ  cv.前野智昭
南 健次郎         cv.村瀬歩
リ・スンギル        cv.野島健児
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Makes me even more hype for Winder Olympics.
Canada: Miyano Mamoru
Thailand: Ono Kenshou
Italia: Maeno Tomoaki
Kazakhstan: Hosoya Yoshimasa
China: Honjou Yuutarou
Swiss: Yasumoto Hiroki
Japan: Murase Ayumu
Korea: Nojima Kenji

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