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Removing the nipples from the finished product ruined any motivation to buy this.
Yes I hope it bins now
TBF nipples were almost non existent in the OI.

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More PPP shenanigans.
Need Translator Overlord.
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kill yourself nigger
No u

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Vivid Strike is to air in less than a few weeks and we still know absolutely nothing about it.

Either ways, Never give up
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I hope it has some Subaru in it.

A Nove is fine too.

I know its not nanoha fate and hayate in high school SoL while also living a double life as space magical girls and therefore I'm not hyped on it.

The franchise got fucked into the ground.

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Hardcore loli bullying.
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Only fish know how to bully
You can't escape me!

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Yukinoshita Yukino is an fucking whore. She eye rapes claimed men.
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I want to kill this fucking cunt.

October 27th pls
>that image res
Kill yourself
buttmad Yuifag
No reason to be buttmad. I am just calling a spade a spade.

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This is a Tomoko. Tomoko is for _____
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licking the scum off of
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Rough doggy style incest.

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Sunrise Crusade Valvrave x Cross Ange collab.

Which show wrecked the train better?
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Cross Ange is a lot better overall.
shoko a shit
That's one cute Shoko.

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Will Run ever get anymore love?
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>worst girl
>getting more screentime
Why would you ever want this?
of course, for the sake of the status quo
>Worst girl
>When Haruna and Nana exist

Discuss the shit chapter here fags
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Kill yourself
>Tatara rekt ez
>Houji rekt ez
>entire CCG gang rekt ez

I honestly can't tell how strong Tatara was, or how strong Taki is. Tatara seemed pretty fucking crazy, but got styled on instantly.
Off yourself OP. Helvetica scans are terrible. Just wait until Mangastream deliver the chapter. We've already discussed about this crappy chapter, we don't need more threads

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Can your waifu even cook, clean, and produce enough children to form a soccer team?
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Has /a/ always been obsessed with breeding? Is it just a vocal minority?
Of course she can, but she's got more defining features than being just a boring housewife.
They're just trying to justify their elementary taste in waifus.

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For the anon in the last thread asking what's good in ExE #02. I liked these:
https://exhentai.org/s/e9ae920fdc/966920-570 hopefully he fucks the loli next chapter
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Its been years and I still dont get why Mods dont relocate you fags to /h/
Is it too much to hope there is at least one doujin with Tooru Hagakure that has deepthroat and nakadashi
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Doujinshi are amateur manga, moron.

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What's up with Japanese isekai/fantasy stories having adventurer guilds that allow literal ten year olds to sign up to be mercenaries? Why isn't there a screening process for application to stop any random joker wandering in off the street and getting to be an adventurer?
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then how will you get your supply of lolis?
Free market fixes itself.
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The whole concept of the "adventurer" profession makes no fucking sense in the first place and only exists as a convenient vehicle for a JRPG/MMO protagonist to do anything and everything when it comes to quests and sidequests.

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Left, center, or right?
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Left, she has the right amount of boobs and ass.
It's a shame we can't see the feet.
Marry, befriend, fuck.
Befriend, marry and then fuck left.
Don't care about the rest.

Do you think the Berserker armor makes fights less interesting?
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those who complain that the armor ruined the character are retarded. Guts without the armor would basically lose against griffith's soldiers.
Wow, that render makes the armor look fucking sick.
I don't see how "giving the heroes a chance to actually win" is the same thing as "more boring" unless you just want to read about Griffith playing a fantasy mod version of Civilization

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

previous bangin thread >>145975700
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Please stop, it's too early in the thread for this.
Has anyone gotten good use out of lang8? Will I have to make my account appear female to get the most out of it?

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