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Can we have an Anti-Magic thread? I hope everyone agrees that sword was the best girl and totally deserved to win at the end right?

Also Ouka did everything wrong, and no one should be defending what she did.
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Best girl, least screen time and focuse.
Anon, you have a good argument, but we all know that Mari is th best girl, after all she is so perflat that she attracts unicorns and makes miracles come true.
So what is the Metal Gear song list for series, I keep hearing about that so I am curious.

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I don't like crabs.
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I don't like cats.
Cat is a cuck

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Thighhighs > Pantyhose >>>>>>>>>>> Literal trash > Spats
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You're missing a few categories, Anon.

Ankle-high socks
No legwear at all.
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So what are you watching next season?
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you're pussy

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It doesn't matter whether you think his movies are shit or not, he is still right about the anime industry.
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In what sense? He's been complaining about the industry for decades.
Thank you mister, but I have no appetite for fried chicken right now.

I'd really like a pizza though.
He wanted to be like Disney, friendly reminder that 2D Disney got blown the fuck out by CG, he should be glad to live in the country where he can still be relevant despite the change of times.

He should be talking constructively for anime companies to take more risk on mature themes through anime originals, instead of relying on manga / light novels. The industry went safe, sort of like how Hollywood is safe as fuck.

I am just a little bit broken.
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I want to fuck that robot
And so is my heart.
Just a bit.

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Just finished watching Yamato.

Holy shit was Mamoru the true hero of the show?
>Gets captured but escapes
>Deathly injured still manages to bang the queen anyway
>Gotta tap dat ass
>Brother's waifu a kill
>Gotta help little bro tap that ass
>Fuck Earth rezzes little bro's waifu

>tfw you'll never have an onii-chan like that
Feels bad man.
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Now watch the original.
I don't dislike old anime but the original is from the 70s I don't know if I can go that far back.

ED bump.

So, now that the dust has settled, which series was better?
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Naruto was the lesser pile of shit.
Eat a dick, fuck off.

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I just finished reading "Oyasumi Punpun" ,and I want to know what you guys think about this manga.
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I was shaking when aiko hanged herself
I liked it when I first read it.
Reading it now would be devastating though, I don't think I could handle that.
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he deserved it
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Yeah, he should have just burst into the classroom and spilled the beans instead of letting Kira get on with his monologue.

Then again, we all know that no time actually passes when people talk in anime.
>dying over a sandwich
Hope it was worth it.
Should have torn Kiras carotid artery with harvest and called it a day.

Why are two of the most overpowered stands given to the biggest idiots?

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I still cant get over this
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You missed the release day of the chapter on /a/.
I totally understand. I'd hate that quality too.

Why don't you try to find a better source for your manga than mangafox though? It's almost insultingly easy. Like, there should be a good reason for you to have gone with the inferior quality for so long, right? Otherwise you'd have made a huge mistake, right? But there is no reason, and you were really just a retard.
So after you spend 5 seconds searching, you will feel like you should punch yourself in the face for not having done so earlier.
I still can't get over this.

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I was watching today's Jojo 4 episode, but I can't stop feeling that everything is just so hollow and empty, so meaningless, considering universe is gonna get reset in Jojo 6
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It hurts, doesn't it
I just know parts about this, but I just feel this shouldn't have been done.
The first 3 parts were too awesome for that.
We got SBR out of it so it's all good.

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>MD Geist is poorly animated
Love this meme
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Who are you quoting?
Why do you keep posting this, you autist? And why haven't you realized by now that the 1996 director's cut's animation is very significantly improved from the original 1986 version?
This is from the original cut.

>director's cut's animation is very significantly improved
It's barely different and even worse in some parts uninformed retard.

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girls /a/ quickly forgot as soon as their season ended

pic related
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Op sorry I forgot Girl.
This didn't need an anime.

What's more shocking is someone thought this needed a legitimate dub

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Anyone else looking forward to this piece of shit bombing so the White Fox meme will finally end?
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me, this shit is just another seasonal mahou shoujo
>wanting something to fail

Tell us more oh prophacizer
It's going to be AOTS though.

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