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What's the consensus on Eureka 7? I thought it started kinda shit, had a good 20 or so episodes, and then just fell off a fucking cliff. Haven't finished it, dunno if I will. Kinda digged Charles though. Should I keep going or drop?
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greatest love story ever told. many bitch tears were shed. Also Avoid AO at all cost. The movie is like an alternate story, kinda meh
smell like death in here
Idk man. The whole "muh aliens!" in relation to the latest episode I watched (31?) was not at all where I wanted to go with this. Eureka is just okay as a character.

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This tomboy has won my heart.
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Welcome to the master race

Enjoy some complimentary athletic gear and teddy bears, must haves for any tomboy
Sorry, I'm not into men.

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>that feel when no midori (japanese for green) alien gf
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What color is Midori's pussy?
Greenish blue outside, magenta inside.

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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"OP cropped the page, so no one can google image search it, so no one knows what manga that is, so no one cares, so his thread's probably doomed."

Just my guess.
It conveys stop fucking reminding me this exists unless there's a new chapter out.
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You are my motivation to keep going, bud.

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Well, I just finished AssClass S2 and need some consolation, /a/.
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>Assassination Classroom
But why anon, it's shit, catering to casuals. which says something about you. You should probably go back to CR forums, that's a massive hugbox where you can get consoled.

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Why are Chuunis the best?
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What? No Chuuni love tonight?
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Tell me about the Chuuni, wht do they wear the eyepatch?

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If you are given a chance, how can you make pokemon better?

Let's drop that "x becomes 10 and starts a pokeymann journey! XDDD" or some shit.
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MC is a Smogonfag.
>OP is an idiot
>animate Pokemon Special
Oh boy that was hard.

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even if it meant having to deal with having Ten around?
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I suggest you check this out first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jCbcCznaUY

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Who is her best MC and why is it Godai?
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She's the cutest.

Both of you are wrong.
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You're not any righter, has-been.

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please /a/
loli is sick
keep the noise down
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Time to rape lol

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Shhh. A loli is sleeping.

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Is there a bigger tsundere than uchiha sasuke?
>700 chapters of gradually building underlying homo-eroticism
>you're my closest friend but so I need to kill you for my goals
>"what the fuck, what's wrong with you? why do you care about me so much?"
>"because you're my friend"
>sasuke le doki dokis. "Fine I won't kill anyone from Konoha I will kill you first"

Is there a bigger tsundere in the history of manga?
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>le tear.

Most unique romance manga
The blood almost makes a heart
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>"what do you mean by youre my friend?"
>"when I see you hurt, I feel hurt too"

>n-naruto must truly love me if he's willing to go too far for me I love you too Naruto I would love to be part of your life, to forever.

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What is she doing right now?
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Looking at a faggot
Flying across the world like her mother. Meanwhile her husband is having sex with Onodera.
Being a forced winner.

Takagi-San thread
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Just fucking draw porn already.
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Why was she popular in the first place?
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String boobs
Loli bigtits.
First oppai loli

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