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Am I the only person who felt slightly disappointed by the end?
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didn't everyone?
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>yet again another romance anime with a shit ending after investing too much time in it
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I saw the final few episodes as a dark, intelligent, but ultimately fulfilling twist on the romantic comedy genre. The first two thirds of the show were clearly playing at Taiga and Ryuuji eventually falling for each other...until her death in the blizzard. What a fucking curveball.

At least best girl won.

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drunk anime girls appreciation thread
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imported juice - not even once
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>not sweatshop-tier work

how can you enjoy someone's sweat and blood it's morally disgusting
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It can't be helped.
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>making computer parts in china
>making clothes in china
>making toys in china
>making electronics in china
>making car parts in china
>mining in Africa
>not sweatshop-tier work

Anon, as Americans/Europeans, we live on the top of the world, socially speaking. It is only natural that that the rest of the world is a glorified sweatshop only in business for our sake.
Everything you have ever enjoyed is someone else's sweat and blood so you better make it worth it

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It sucks, yes.
However this arc will be over in a couple of chapters and Kaoru will be victorious over the false Kaoru. So whatever.
because the author has no clue how to write and decides RAPE NTR DRAMA is the go to move.

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>watch hentai
>sex scene
>melancholic piano music starts playing
Instant boner killer
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Makes me think.

Maybe they chose that music because the sex was meant to be damaging.
Why is yui so cute? Still not as cute as Ritsu though
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>watch hentai
>sex scene
>melancholic piano music starts playing
Instant boner

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What are your thoughts on the best anime of the year?
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fuck u Okada for ruining my favorite studio
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>tfw the bait and switch they pulled with her
>not once but twice
I thought I was gonna get a crazy girl.

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was golden age Griffith the best manga/anime antagonist of the 20th century?
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I wouldn't call Griffith the antagonist of the golden age.
>Golden Age Griffith
What is being subtle?

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Just started watching Ashita no joe. Its depressing but i'm loving it. What does /a/ think about the show ? Does it hold up ? or is it overrated ?
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Part 2 is fucking gorgeous, make sure to watch the 1080p version, but part 1 story is just as good.
It's a pretty good story but the actual boxing part is shit and that drags it down a bit.
Thanks! Im only 21 episodes in so im not sure what to expect. But I can tell this will be something special. Im actualy enjoying the animation it holds up surprisingly well And that whistle , chills me to the bone

You hear a knock on your door and yo-OH SHIT ITS YOUR LANDLORD JOTARO! He's pissed off that you didn't pay your rent, and it doesn't look like hes giving you anymore chances. Luckily the MC of the last anime or manga you saw was staying the night.

Will you sleep peacefully tonight?
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I've got a chance
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koichi and his fucking pose.jpg
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Im as dead as dirt
Even then Josuke would be fucked

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Let's post some of our favorite Gelbooru tags.

nail_art, nail_polish, trap.

N-No bully pls
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Painted nails are probably even more disgusting than short hair.
wow dude he said no bully

loli, fellatio, :3 are mine

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Why haven't I heard more about this show? Started it yesterday and I got hooked on the very first episode which literally never happens, and it's been only getting better.

Calling it underrated might be a stretch but I only have seen re: zero and mob psycho making waves this season so I was surprised Orange is going largely unnoticed.
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Not talked about maybe but it's rather popular.
Because it's garbage.
The premise alone is rage-inducing and the actual plot development just makes it worse.

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This is the main bad guy of Jojo Part 8
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Berserk Guts Laughing.png
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Looks dumb. I'm glad I dropped Jojo after Part 3.

Relevant video.

It's either gonna be him or Kaato
What is his power?

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Airi's friend the original slut.

It's over /a/
It is finally over.
All that is left is a bitter taste in the mouth of a once beloved franchised.
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Goodbye Genshiken.
Genshiken 3!
Best girl won for a change. This is truly great.

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was nhk good /a/ ?
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it really depressed me but it was good

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