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Why aren't you reading this yet?
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Because I generally don't enjoy Japanese comedy.

Because you haven't give the source.
Since Google is being a shit, I'll give you this one.

It's Grand Blue.

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This manga heals my soul.
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Well, this manga heals my soul in its every reincarnation.
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This manga leaves me awake at night plotting the assassination of various figures in the manga creation and distribution process

Didnt end in a straight up cliffhanger so I accept it ended how it did
That manga is overrated as fuck on /a/.

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>visual novel has god tier art
>ova adaption looks like utter shit
every fucking time
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And Pink Pineapple is still one of the best hentai studios.
damn the girl on the left is thicc
You have very low standards for "god-tier art".

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Nothing can top the suffering of /a/
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Tulio, is that you?
40 mph

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Is this the cancer ruining anime?
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what cancer
That's not Silver Link
Not at all. They've got a great overall catalog, just because they've made some junk like the Monogatari series doesn't detract from that.

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Who would win?
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Ladies and gentlemen, the Jar Jar Binks of Konosuba.
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But I want to fuck Aqua unlike JarJar Binks.
She's a funnier character than we've ever had before

Aqua is the key to all this
But she was actually entertaining and contributed meaningfully to the cast dynamic.

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>Here´s the new preview from the upcoming Appmon series:


Blonde girl is cute!!!
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Blonde girl will NTR MC with childhood friend.
Man, Ill give it a couple episodes I guess.
But I want to be done with digimon, once tri finishes thats it for me
every MC from children's anime sucks dick and deserves to be cucked.
I was glad Tai got put in the corner like the little bitch he was.

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So if Second Impact was when the first Angel appeared, then what the fuck was the First Impact?
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What was even impacting?
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When the egg containing Adam crashed on earth.
Second Impact was the resurrection of Adam after she'd been buried in Antarctic ice for about 4.5 billion years following Lilith's arrival and First Impact. There is no Impact for Adam's arriving on Earth.

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ITT: Characters that did LITERALLY and OBJECTIVELY nothing wrong.
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Everyone in that show did literally everything wrong
Great meme but why would anyone think he did something wrong? He was trying to save the village and killed a few vampires that's it
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Name the best and worst anime of 2016 so far
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Best - Sakamoto
Worst - Reikenzan
Best: Re:Zero
Worst: Active Raid

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ITT: Shitty studios

I'll start
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I know this is a shitposting thread but let me actually contribute
are people still mad about Zaregoto's designs
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How does one learn how to draw waifus?
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draw everday
draw every other hours

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Why is Engrish a thing? Do japs just never listen to natives speak the words they need? I mean, even in America most people will cringe slightly if you horribly mispronounce a commonly known foreign word, so why isn't this the case in Japan?
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You're giving burgerclaps far too much credit.
Its called having an accent, nothing to do with being Japanese. English education sucks and there really isnt a need for speaking eng in Japan cause its so isolated and thats why most either dont speak it or only do it really bad.
That aside, why fans who speak english more than perfectly fuck around by saying "za wardo" instead of "the world"?

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What are some shows that have outstanding first episodes? It doesn´t matter if the show becomes crap (as they often do). Which TV shows have you seen that the first episode just completely hooked you? For better or for worse?

To me [email protected], FMA, and Higurashi really impressed me with their first episodes.
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Symphogear S1 and S3, the rest ist still great but those two were outstanding
Star Driver, Shinsekai Yori

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