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Trying to find others who read Dorohedoro.

Whats your favorite thing about the manga so far and who do you like as a character the most.
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>Trying to find others who read Dorohedoro.
You say that like it's hard.

No one i talk to reads it. I was sent here by a friend to see if anyone would discuss. Its not as popular as i thought it was.
> No one i talk to reads it. I was sent here by a friend
Fuck off and kill yourself, newfag.

>15 years old
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>5th grade
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~30+ YO
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Why you must do this Ume-sensei?
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Why must I be made to feel.
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I want it to end.
What happened to her?

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Why didn't you tell me that this was so fucking great?

Literally one of the best series I've ever watched, I fucking fell in love with Griffith, why is he so perfect?, why didn't Guts protect his smile?,that fag totally derseved what happened.
btw I don't like to read manga but this is gonna be an exception definitely, should I read the manga from the begining or just continue from the anime ending?

Also, Berserk thread I guess

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkYYYew8CUI [Embed]
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>Why didn't you tell me that this was so fucking great?
Fuck off, you retarded newfag, there are hundreds of posts a day jacking Berserk off. Kill yourself.
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Start from the beginning and also kill yourself, you Griffith apologist.
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>Why didn't you tell me that this was so fucking great?

How fucking old are you?

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When can we feasibly expect at least a CAM rip?
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someone will find a way
At least you can listen to the OST and imagine you're watching the movie.
Maybe Chinese will come through with good quality, when is it releasing in China?
It's so fucking good.

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why was Rei I so fucking rude?
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Would you not be rude at the women who was fucking your husband/creator/dad thing?
Reminder that the creator of the magi strangled a girl to death and then jumped to her own death.
Not if it got me choked to death

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Catgirl Nene.png
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Clarin~ Clarin~

I'm just like you now!
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Has science gone too far?
I want to touch those dorky ears.

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The Yu-gi-oh franchise really has gone to shit with Arc-V and Zexal. Do people really expect the next one to be any better?
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Gosh, I haven't watched since the beginning of GX. I might get back into it, once the important content on my backlog is complete.
Trust me, you really don't want to. If you thought GX was bad 5D's, Zexal and Arc-V manage to be even worse in writing.
I haven't watched this since the motorcycle series came out. GX was alright, nothing ground breaking.

Also off topic, are those wings?

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Post pages that made you feel, cry or speechless
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Die judah.jpg
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I think Chinatsu isn't the best but not downright evil like everyone assumes
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She is evil, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's entertaining and puritycucks can go die in a fire.
I want to live on the edge by sticking my dick between her all consuming hair puffs and blow my load in her mouth as they threaten to destroy me with every thrust

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What is the absolute most difficult anime to get into in terms of over-the-top Japanese terminological usage?
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Hyouge Mono was a bitch in that term.

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Fuck this show. Total waste.
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It was fine.
It's the moon made a loud noise tier. There was no development.
Girls were cute.

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ITT: intellectually challenging anime and manga
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Re:Zero makes me feel mentally challenged.
File: rHwZYtt.png (458KB, 543x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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same guy that wrote liar game

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Why marry a crazy little girl or an irritating "goddess", when there's a beautiful mature rich super-sexual masochist woman at your disposal?
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Masochist girls are prime NTR bait. No thank you.
Not this one, she's a loyal knight
>one joke character
Boring. Her and explosions are awful.

At least airhead has a spectrum of jokes.

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What do you do when your favorite girl has an unattractive body? Do you cheat on her?
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Watch another anime?
Your favorite girl in general.
I call them friends.

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