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Was I supposed to feel bad for the shiki? Seems like the show is trying to make you care for them, but I find it hard to empathize with them at all.
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Why were werewolves serving vampires when they were superior to them in every way?
Was the show supposed to be dark or scary? I found the overall tone of this show confusing.
>people dying left and right
>survivors/murderers are cracking jokes and laughing with blood all over them.

Fucking weird man.
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Feelings, according to Tatsumi.
I guess that's to show how they normalize death after they've killed a few shiki, what made it hard to take seriously for me was the hair styles/colors.

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Best girl appreciation
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Just finished re-watching You are (not) Alone.
Definitely best girl.
This picture alone proves that Rei is a gift to the universe.
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For the sophisticated.

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Have Shaft lost their minds? Why would they agree to a sequel to this? Did it even sell?
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They are mere slaves.
The only thing that I remember about this show is how atrocious this scene was.
A lot of anime are not trying to sell themselves, but rather promote their brand. Isn't this from a series of LNs? Probably have a deal with the publisher.

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this came in the mail today.
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is it porn? I stopped ordering hentai after my packages were stolen twice in the same week
It hottest porn you will ever seen.
I was off by a $ 1.00 for vol 5 i'll be get that next week.

These are your waitresses for tonight. Please do not offend them and treat them with care.
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I'm in a strip local though. Does this mean they'll dance for me?

Do not want.

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Why was this show so popular?
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The girls were fuckable.
I think the real question is how is a PNG 3.94MB at fucking 2546x3403? Isn't PNG supposed to be coalgirls level huge?
because of >pic related, duh

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Why is this so good!?
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It has its flaws and people will call it shit for being on Toonami but I liked it. Watched it again last year and the fun and action still holds up. It has a fitting ending but it wasn't exactly what I wanted but at least it was consistent.
People says it has a lot of flaws,but can someone explain them to me? I've rewatched it 3 times and I fail to see any major faults.
It went from happy and fun to super depressing and soul crippling. I did not ask for this.

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Why is this slideshow so revered? Is it just nostalgia?
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it doesn't use 3DCG. That alone puts it above the rest
I don't even mean in comparison to the other adaptations, I just mean standing on its own. It nails the tone of the manga and presents it with an adequate amount of accuracy, but that's about it. The animation barely exists at all, it's full of QUALITY moments, things are drawn out of perspective all the time, the backgrounds are ridiculously simplistic and don't at all capture the meticulous detail of the manga, and it doesn't even end with Skull Knight or anything, it just fades out during the eclipse. I expected a lot more after having read the manga and having heard forever that the anime was a classic.
The anime ended where the manga was at the time you fucking moron, it's not like it was ongoing or something you fucking imbecile goddamn.
Also it was literally just a glorified advertisement for the manga.

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You guys still won't apologized for spoiling me with SDR2 webm.

Go fuck yourself. You did this to yourself.

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So the kings a tranny, neat.
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someone gib meh a crunchyroll pass please
Are you trying to be funny? "King" translation was a simple translation mistake. Japanese term did/does not imply necessary male gender.
Settle down, go be triggered somewhere else

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Short "The Dragon Dentist" will become a 2-part series on NHK in February 2017

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Will Carnage ever get a sequel?
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Oh shit that's actually pretty cool.
Not the best animator expo short, but the setting was intriguing enough. The key staff seem pretty good too so this is one to look out for.

I'm dropping this series now, those 12 episodes were fun.
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It actually goes to shit later on.
I totally forgot those things existed by the end of it.

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cat is the superior monogatari

only snail and spooky come close Kaiki overshadows them all though
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Shinobu donuts copy.jpg
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No OP, Cat is shit, bottom tier with bird and spooky right above math.
Cat is pretty shit relatively speaking. Down in the gutter with Spoopy and Snek
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I thought we figured it out years ago

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Now that nekopara is getting it's own anime/hentai, so you think it will be good? Do you think it will be an anime or a hentai. I would like to know your thoughts on this.
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>good adaptation
If it's all ages then, no, not unless they add actual plot.
If it's r18 then it will still be shit because art will pale in comparison to original.
The anime will not be ero.
Azuki best cat, maine coons need not apply

People will defend this uglyness
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I know, there are actually people who think Kumiko isn't ugly. What the fuck?
Looks like kino to me.
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No anon, this is what kino looks like.

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