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What do you think about loli characters in anime and manga? Who are your favorite examples?
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WMT lolis are the best.
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Alcoholic lolis are always the best.
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WEG thread - let's go
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weg amaama.png
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Get in here Maji Bro's
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First for best maid.
Thanks friend

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Low quality typesetter here

I have to apologize, there will only be one chapter this weekend, and it already is kinda late... Been busy...
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I didn't enjoy this chapter too much...
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It's funny and all but you know, two high schoolers alone one loves big tits the other has big tits...

Where's the action?
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> choosing non blondes
Absolutely disgusting!, they even come with lolis
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This was axed?
those kitty glasses are cute
I thought another magazine picked it up?

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Roast Me Thread
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Fuck, now I'm hungry
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a thousand burnt stenches flood the basement as from behind the water heater emerges ANON, LORD OF CHAOS whose empty gaze and clouded countenance are ever-shifting! in the thick forgotten tongue of gods and monsters buried in the pits of deepest memory he screams in a chorus of voices with the agonal misery of millennia pressed into a deafening moment and collapsing on himself, crumpling to the floor and clawing the dewy cement, he finds his way to his herald's side and whispers to her, now tender as a lover: OP is a fag

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Do you ever fap to your waifu?
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Yes. Often.
Yes because I love her.
but I feel guilty afterwords

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Stuff that ensures a manga will be popular.

So far I have:
>moral ambiguity
>original spin on a historical premise or relatable idea (alchemy, dreams, exorcism)
>a long journey towards something that seems unattainable

What else?
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I don't think you've read very many manga if you think those are guaranteed to make things popular.
Maybe the latter one was a bit of a reach I know. But can you think of any examples of the other three that aren't?
Everyone digs giant robots.

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Where the fuck people live in Tokyo-3? The upside down buildings?
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You can kinda find out how the geofront works in the two first episodes man.
>people live in Tokyo-3

Those streets are as empty as Bakemonogatari.
Here's a better question. In the anime we see the EVAs going UP the elevator shaft and taking little detours depending on which street they want to be in. But how do they go up all the way from NERV through the geofront and into surface if the go straight up? Do they ascend in a spiral around the dome?

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holy fuck Sword Art Online might be the worst anime ive ever seen. youre supposed to believe the characters care deeply about each other despite the brief time knowing each other/few moments of bonding shown, paper thin characters that i dont give a shit about when they die, poor pacing, poor direction, detraction from the main plot into a bunch of stupid uninteresting bullshit, boring dialogue, inconsistent main character who doesnt seem to have any real personality, stupid useless female characters all with the same personalities that all end up having some juvenile crush on the main character and do that cringey "err its not like that!" bullshit....i could go on and on. fuck this shitty anime.
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Yes. It was almost as bad as NGE in my books and I've them both 3/10 in MAL :^)
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So what actually makes SAO popular and so many people rating it highly despite the common knowledge that it was mediocre at best?

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Dumping chapter 20 and the first special
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she a snitch
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>MC gets a power up
>"I feel pretty light now"

When do you drop your anime /a/?
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Kill yourself.
Stop making these fucking threads and fuck off already.
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>girl sees MC talking with another girl
>she hits him

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ITT: Series that did more harm than good. When Miyazaki said anime was nothing but trash he was referring to hot garbage like Monogatari. Ever since this became popular the industry has been in decline with more and more otaku pandering and generic LN adaptations.
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We can't discuss this without someone fear-mongering about Aniplex, bringing up Katanagatari's bad adaption, complaining about Watanabe's designs, and every other idiot who can't tell one Shaft director from the other because they're only aware of five techniques they see in every one of their production. Zaregoto was a mistake, but /a/ was a bigger one.
Moeshit like Lucky star did more damage.
There is not many stories directly inspired by Monogatari though, and LN adaptations were already popular by then. Stuff like K-ON!, Haruhi, Lucky Star and even Madoka had more noticeable effect.

Who else really likes the lasers in this show?
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They were pretty satisfying.
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I thought the lasers were goofy as heck.
Not sure laser or cannon can employ at greater far distance. Long range stealth antiship missile is very hard to intercept.

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who hype for Twinks on the 'Rinks?
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Me, no homo
Best hope is it's a good sports anime, with some cute guys and maybe a few gay scenes thrown in for the fujos
I want to bully a 15 year old Russian fuccboi and make him cry.

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