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So, where do you fall /a/?
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we had this thread yesterday
>Dies a virgin

Uh huh
Why is Simon on their twice?
Shouldn't it be Kamina?

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This chapter was good.
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Felt like i was reading bleach with how much progression we had
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>my dear

Sin is about to break

Which Hidamari would you have a drink with? I want to get drunk with the landlady while discussing life's difficulties.
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Landlady for me, too.

I'd make sure to hide my wallet before she drank me under the table, though.
Drunk Yuno is best Yuno.

Yoshinoya would be really fun but I imagine it would be like that episode of K-ON where Sawako arrives in Yui's home drunk and terrifies everyone. Her behaviour would be amplified by a thousand times, Kuwahara would be pretty sweet to get drunk with, should be interesting to talk to her giving we're both in a medical profession area of sorts but Landlady would be great solely for Sawashirou, I could listen to her ramble about just anything really.

Out of the students either Sae who I imagine would turn into a fun drunk or Miyako.

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urara cover volume 8.png
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You wouldn't a muscular waifu with 8 pack abs, would you? [\spoiler]
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no it's as disgusting as your failed spoiler.
Her muscles have muscles them. Girl is massive. Would smack that if that were possible though

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>How do we design a British character
>Oh I know, make her blonde and have her wear a jacket with the flag on it

Why is this allowed
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Because the only other way to show britishness would be to make her a little faggot like Eriol from CCS
Execute the English.

Free the Celts.
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>CV Nao Toyama

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>Bad pre-screening reception
>No hype at all
>Expected to flop

What's next in KyoAni's career?
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k-on season 3
Porn hopefully
Girls und Panzer spinoff.

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Will their friendship survive the 8 bowl?
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Does Watari even know?
Only of Yukino decides to touch a Hikki that isn't hers. You can't blame Yui for not wanting to be friends with a thieving cat.
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Yui as 8man mistress when?

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Why the hate?

the manga and the anime are honestly not that bad
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Fuck off, Narutard.
Kill yourself.

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Just dumping some random manga.
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Why america can´t do Anime?
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Why can't you check these doubles ?
Mine are better
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Because no Megumi Hayashibara



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what did he mean by this
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I don't know, anon, because I've forgotten the context.

Kubo in da house
>scanlations never
This is like one of the two best ongoing manga, and I seem to be the only one who thinks so.

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>Cute lolis.
>Rie Kugimiya as a lead blonde Tsundere, as a loli too
>MC that has experience
>Cute Imouto like Side character

Why doesn't this have more attention here?
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It's one of my favorites. Lotte a cute.
I never knew Kugyuu had a role in this. Maybe now I might watch it.
It should have been porn.

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Reminder: You should be able to read and understand this by now.
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I only speak American.
Too much Hiragana, a real pain to read. Better use Kanji and write the reading in Hiragana in top, makes it less annoying to read.
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What is the hypest special move in anime ? Pic related
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That movie only fight though




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Normal mode: Actually +10 years forgotten series, not things from couple of seasons ago
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pretty much what got me into anime

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