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>Letting an old woman voice a heavy weight adult male

Why do Japs and try hard weebs think this is 'epic' ? Even healthy kids, with promising levels of Testosterone, want to hear manly adult voices.
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>Why isn't my gag manga "epic" like muh Cowboy Beepboop???
Go away dubfag.
Japan hates manly men.
Wasn't she the voice of Goku in Dragon Ball as well, they just didn't feel like changing the voice actor when the timeskip happens towards the end?

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>ctrl+f '3x3'
>no results
Hey, new 3x3 thread.
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Hello friends. I've got to get up in the morning so if this thread survives I'll reply to any posts.

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Do you ever feel bad about bumping series out of your top? There are shows that were my favorite for a long time but I've set my mind on different things now and those series no longer inspire me.

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>Kaiji will never have season 3
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Kaiji had too much ball touching for my tastes.
fuck you!!!!!!

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What's the best anime of the 2010's so far?

>Pic related
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totes amazeballs.jpg
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Dunno but i'll at least say it's the best original anime i've seen come out in a long time.
Don't know if it's the best, but Shirobako is up there.
Madoka was 2010's too, right?

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>Orihime is the 25th most hated Shonen Jump heroine
/a/ confirmed to have shit taste?
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what, wait who are the top 3?
Chitoge rukia and some irrelevant bitch
/a/ is just trying to spite Rukiafags, before the pairing was confirmed people here were rooting for Rukia as much as the nips.

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Pokespe thread.
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Respond damn you.
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we need more memes
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>you will never live in Japan
>you will never be fluent in Japanese
>You will never be an animator
>even if these all came true you would never get anywhere because "WHAITU PIGGU"
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>>you will never be fluent in Japanese
As long as you understand.
Why be an animator? That's a sweatshop industry.
I lived in nippon for 4 years and i speak jap pretty fluently. Shit an kanji though

Do Japanese people actually send love letters or is it just in anime?
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Do Nippons actually do any of the stuff we see in anime?
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peru peru peru peru.png
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Do Americans actually talk like this?
Are you telling me you never got/sent a love letter? I'm sorry for you Anon ;_;

What are your thoughts on Psycho-Pass, /a/?
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Season 1 was great
Season 2 was utter trash
Movie was meh as I stopped caring after S2
agree except i didn't watch the movie. might give it a shot though
season one was pretty good, season two was bascially the same withoutt being being original and denying most of akanes develeopment in season one, having her relive it

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>if Initial D was made today, all of the drivers Takumi meets would have been cute girls and they would fall for him after he wins
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Lonely Drivers.jpg
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Anon, I hate to break it to you, but 90% of the reason Initial D was good was the eurobeat. Changing the driver's genders really wouldn't matter as long as it didn't affect that.
>if Initial D was made today all the cars would be ugly.

Why the fuck are nowadays cars so fucking ugly , maybe is because I live in europe?

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ITT: characters that you just KNOW love anal
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It was the only umaru I had. No h8 pl0x

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a good anime
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>Episode 22 preview
Episode 22 ''A Demon Crying in a Field of Narcissi"
Who is blue cactus?
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Can there be any doubt that Mob is by far one of the absolute best characters in recent anime history?
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There were a couple of shots in this episode where he looked exactly like in the manga.
There's something remarkably inspiring about watching very powerful people try to remain pacifist. Vinland Saga is great for the same reason.

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“[Modern voice actors] just watch anime and copy what they hear, so what they do sounds like copy of a copy of a copy. As a result, the depth and breadth of anime voice acting is dwindling rapidly."


What do you think, /a/?
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She's got to watch the good stuff, like Furikuri.

>being the voice nobody listens to
>thinks she has some say in the voice acting business

Even Nips watch the dub with Nip subs.
Just a couple of things:
>You haven't heard dub tier levels of shit
>what more anime faggot

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Izzy will never touch that boobs again.
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Neither will the princess. She could have at least kept her around for that.
Dead show.
Come on, I want at least the stitches.

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