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ITT Characters /a/ forgot
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The entire cast of Re:Zero in a few months time
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Until the next season of course

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>Terrible adaptations of a good source
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>good source
Fatefags will believe this. I will never get that 60 hours back
Pic unrelated.
Is the joke that it's an amazing adaptation of a good source?
I can't think of many other anime adaptations that are better.

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I want to BE Kozue-chan!
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Not sound her?
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Why are you in this thread?
Because every girl from this show is great. Does that satisfy your curiosity?

57,878 *,*57,878 Kimi no Na wa. Theme Song and Soundtrack "Kimi no Na wa." by RADWIMPS

1,110 *,**1,110 Amanchu! Original Soundtrack by GONTITI

**,986 *,***,986 Hiroyuki Sawano Thunderbolt Fantasy Touriken Yuuki Original Soundrack

Is Japan finally starting to get tired of this complete fucking hack now? I never thought I'd see the day when some literally who composer from a literally who show did better than a big Pan-Asia tie-up with Urobuchi and Aniplex shilling. This has to by far his worst selling soundtrack ever and Kabaneri didn't do so hot either.
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>sales numbers being representative of people liking a musician's work and not the relation to the show the music was made for

I've always known you were a retard, Aniplex bogeyman shitter, but this is stupid even for you.

Gotta keep on sucking that corporate cock

>Completely dodge the topic at hand to pick a fight with the OP

Wow such /a/. Another good reason why it's never a good idea to be the one actually starting a thread. Immediately puts you at a disadvantage.

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So... I had been using Kawaii Codec Pack, but it's been dead for a year so I think it's time to move on. What are the cool kids playing their Chinese cartoons on now?
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MPC-HC + madVR
What's wrong with continuing to use it?

This looks like shit unless you're preoared to spend a year or 5 configuring it properly.

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Better start shoveling coal into the boiler of this hype train.
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(NOTE: At his SDCC spotlight panel, Nihei revealed sketches that showed the difference between a character as originally drawn in the Blame! manga that was changed significantly in the anime version.)

>I would love to watch this anime as virtual reality!

Nihei and Seshita: Ahh, yes. That would be great.


Crossing fingers on that.

Sketches here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-07-24/blame-anime-film-to-be-netflix-original/.104629
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Full character shot from the movie page.

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Why hasn't there been an Akira anime yet? I thought it was one of the most popular, influential series of all time?

The movie doesn't count, I'm talking about a full adaptation.
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Would you really want to be the director/studio/whatever that tries to follow that movie up? You think anyone can do as good a job? It's just not worth messing with a classic.
Even if the classic only adapted the manga up to a point and then had its own original ending?
was it?

I mean the movies was popular and influential but I don't know about the manga

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Why do I love mumbutts so much?
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You came from one.
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Did you guys enjoyed Gunbuster?i finished it minutes ago and its one of the few anime series i wish it had more episodes to narrate the same story.I felt like too many things were happening too fast
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I loved it
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bounce 1.webm
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It's a masterpiece

I want to make a maid Cafe in my city, where can i buy lolis?
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You're gonna get arrested

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Why do nips have an obsessive need to put childhood friends into the series with an obvious designated winner?

Is rejecting them some sort of national sport of Japan?
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Maybe their childhood friend rejected them and fucked chads so they take it out on the childhood friends in their stories.
Well, there's always Ziploc-kun who won in real life
Wait, he won?

I got around to watching this, I thought it was cute.
What did you guys think of it?
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Koito was pretty good
Reina and Koito were shit.

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This is what an excellent athlete looks like.
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The coloring in this manga is so psychodelic.
Sonic meat is best meat.
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>you will never lick the sweat from under her breasts and fat folds

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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More Fishie Kisses.gif
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I am indifferent to it.
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So I decided to watch the Tsukihime anime as its by Type Moon (as is My fav, Fate Stay Night) and it’s only 12 episodes long. All I knew about it going in is stuff from the parodied version from Carnival Phantasm (so not a lot). I’m two episodes in and I’ve got to say I have no idea what is going on…
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It's a seventeen slices of life anime about hamburgers, hotsprings, and cool soundtracks.
>Tsukihime anime
>watching something that doesn't exist

at least read the manga

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