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Anyone see Kizu?
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I got the portrait board, but they lazy shits didn't even change the date on it for Canada.
Was it only this weekend?
Today was the first day, going on for a while this week depending on where you are.

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>he prefers the loli over the tender juicy cake

Can we all agree that cake always have the upper hand?
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No. Loli is always superior.
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Kyoani cake bait.webm
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What a fag.

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>don't stare... Hazukashī
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>revised hepburn
Cancer. It's Hazukashii, the second "I" is pronounced, it's not just "ee".

>ayy lmao let's add macrons
Thanks cunts, I really enjoy how most fonts don't support these.

Fuck off Kirino.
How is correcting a retarded weaboo autistic?

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What's your opinion on the Chimera Ant Arc?
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one of the greatest arcs in anime
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HxH CA.jpg
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A masterpiece.
It had some of the shittiest and some of the greatest moments in the show

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>killing the big bad of the show in such an anticlimactic way

What a load of bullshit
Defend this, rezerofags
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He'll be back.

Screencap this post.
Keep re:zero stuff in the re:zero thread

He is dead as fuck.
Did you miss the part where the cat loli blew him to pieces?

post butts
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post feet
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>Not Tsubasa wo Kudasai
You fucked up.
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First for best waifu

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I like Strike Witches but put on some pants.
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>but put on some pants

but that's wrong
But its not.
I didn't like Strike Witches because they didn't wear pants.
I got over that gripe and the show became 50x better. Then season 2 sword shenanigans.

Misfits OVA fucking when?

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Ass or Cowtits?
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Literally only homos like ass.
Why is it always either/or with you fags? Accept both and grow up.

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Best Girl.
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Kawaii desu
I refuse to believe that she is dead.

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Would you take her up on her offer?
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may be
without a doubt
Wait is it out now?

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Why make this 2 years after the manga and hype ended? No one cares about any sort of adaptation anymore.
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Speak for yourself
Because Kyoani is making it.
Kyoani doesn't need previous hype, it generates its own hype by just being good at everything.
I like this book

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Attention S.T.A.L.K.E.R. !249JSUpBDk

It looks like you forgot the omake chapter for Ashita wa Doyoubi v01. I only have the 1200px ebook rip, so perhaps you have it in better quality.

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stop fucking pandering to tripfags you obnoxious cunt.
Kill yourself
How long is the bonus chapter?

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You told me this was good /a/.

Well, it did start fucking great. But what the fuck is this harvest moon farmshit? Will this nonsense ever stop? Feel free to report me if you think this is a shit thread, I don't care going some days without posting, I just want to express how fucking tricked I feel by this bait&switch bullshit.
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Reminder for the guys see this thread and who might to reply, don't, not even a little, just ignore this thread.
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b-but i want a vinland saga thread

In the latest chapter, Thorfinn finds out that Floki ordered the hit. He loses it for a second. If you don't like any change of tone that happens in these sorts of stories, then you definitely can't handle seinen.

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Like a lot of people, I dropped Bleach after Soul Society. Anything good happen after that? Could somebody summarize the story after that?
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Somebody attacked, and there was a fight.
Then things happened, and there was some more fighting.

In the end, the heroes won, but it was Aizen's plan all along, and then more stuff happened, and somebody else attacked and there was some fighting.
>Anything good happen after that?
Not really. Things went downhill so fast after SS. Dropping the manga after that arc was a wise decision.
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one would think >>146403544 is joking, but he's not.
It actually was that bad.

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