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ITT: Overrated Shit
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this thread
Gurren Lagann, not so good
I disagree

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Anime would be in a better state if ____
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Animators were paid decently.
It wasn't aimed at the most vile specimens of society.
Japan didn't have such shit taste.
Japan acknowledged the west and opened the floodgates for investor money to finance their studios rather than the endless constant stream of shitty light novels and their publishers.

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Almost spoiler time.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I love Annie from the bottom of my heart and the core of my soul
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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We know, Keith.

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Friendly reminder that if you like any of the following...

>Dragon Ball
>Boku no Hero Academia
>Tokyo Ghoul
>[email protected]
>Monster Musume

...then, in spite of the fact that I don't enjoy those shows personally and prefer others, I hope you have a good time with them and feel fulfilled through them. Have a nice day.
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Kill yourself.
Stop typing like a faggot.
Dumb Maki poster

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What was your main draw to Fate/stay night and your obsession over Kinoko's World?
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i wanted to understand the memes
mostly this, memes draw you in and are powerful themselves

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>no popular tod artist is interested in this anime.

Doujins never.
Fuck you.
>Tetsu douing this.
You gave me hope. I hate you.

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Post them and rate others.
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kill yourself
I'm actually immortal and indestructable.

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Why are 90% of all animes characters white when animu and mango is japanese?

Not even trying to start /pol/shit, just curious.
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>"I dont want /pol/ shit"
>asking for /pol/ shit
Look at your own damn image and ask yourself which girl you think will sell more merchandise.

There's your answer. Now GTFO.
>Why is 90% of all oragami paper swans?
>Not even trying to start /po/ shit, just curious.

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2011: Mirai Nikki
2012: SAO
2013 Attack on Titan
2014: Tokyo Ghoul
2015: One Punch Man
2016: Re Zero

Compare them /a/
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reeeeeeeeeeeee zero is utter shit, so no
AoT is the best of those so it's all over the place.
I'll start
1. OPM
2. Re Zero
3. Mirai Nikki
4. AoT
5. TG
6. SAO

So is he modeled after shinji kagawa?

>mizuki has a pro contract and is still in HS

>Cerezo Osaka noticed his [shinjis] talent and signed him at the age of 17. He was the first player in Japan to sign a professional contract before graduating from high school

Seems eerily similar
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shinji kagawa.jpg
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the golden one.jpg
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Why no love for sports shows?

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OG thread is kill
Newer new chapter is out
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No one's going to know what you're talking about.
I'm talking
coupled with
>panty lines

I'm talking MAI BALL the manga about thick chicks playing soccer and trying to seduce their coach
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Wanted to get into this show, but I've heard everything from "It's the best show ever" to "It's overrated trash".

Plus I'm a filthy casual who's only seen less than a dozen different anime series.
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>I'm a filthy casual
If you watch it now you will think it's the best thing ever, if you watch it after you've seen at least a hundred shows you will think it's overrated trash.
This. Watch the TV series and then End of Evangelion now while you can get some enjoyment out of it. Then move on to something better than babby's first existential crisis.
See the original first, the new stuff are more mainstreem.. And I suggest to see as musch as possible in one row

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you laugh you lose

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Which was the better Eva ending?

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>the best
They both occur at the same time you mong

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This is your villain tonight.
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Is Beako unpopular? I never see her talked about or lewded and she has very little art.
Original character donut steel. If she was introduced earlier in the story like Miyu or was just an actual existing Fate character but spun in a different way then she'd be more popular.

But until then, she has no actual bearing in the franchise so no fucks are given. That goes for both Erica and Angelica as well.
So far, only Angelica have more chances of more lewd because she is a pseudo genderbent Gil

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