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Characters who actually look Asian
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Why is the Chinese the only Asian looking person in a cast full of Japanese people?

Does Kubo really think that Japan is less ethnic than China?
Most japanese artists seem to think so. Chinks are usually drawn with narrow eyes and faces.
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Do not sexualize the children
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>doki doki
Jun, you gay, man.
I wonder how long the flashback will last. I'd really like to see it go towards junior highschool where Jun actually discovered Tomo was a girl and how he reacted to this for the whole week.
They'll probably do another timeskip to that moment.

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>coolest and potentially must broken stand ability in the series
>a literal retard has it

Why is this allowed?
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Because then there would be no tension and he would win every battle.
I wouldn't call Giorno a retard

>coolest [...] stand ability

that isn't Echoes Act 2, Kiss or Jail House Rock though

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God-tier openings thread
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What does /a/ think of Beautiful Dreamer? Good movie?
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On my top 10 favorite anime movies for sure.
It was complete shit.
The series is good though.

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what the FUCK was his problem
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People who drive FWD can't be trusted
He's never been to the top.
Just wants to dance.

Find a flaw.
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Can't. Marvelous film.
It's boring and it's not Mononoke hime
>laugh lines

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This is a 3/10 in Japan
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Looks more like a 1/10.
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I like her Mink.

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Name one (1) good thing about Galko chan.
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The smell of her asshole.
I can't.
I see two in this picture

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Her name is Sharon. She is poor.
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micro bikini
Is she a jew?
/a/ is so intolerably lewd sometimes. I know Syaro is also intolerably cute and vulnerable, but that doesn't mean you should take advantage of that.

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Chill thread~
Post yours and rate others!
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4/4 Looks nice.
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Miyazaki or Takahta, anon?
Takahata. Because I love Akage no Anne. Also my favorite Ghibli movie is Only Yesterday, followed by Kaguya.
I don't really like Miyazaki's environmental anime that much. I prefer his more simple shows like Kiki or Totoro.

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Wow this actually looked good. Shaft didnt go for the 3d cg background and went for a 2d looking thing. A bit low budgeted but it doesnt really show.

Cam rip: https://twitter.com/senyanko/status/772088320327159808
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That looks great.
Doesn't look too much like usual Shaft, that's very good.
Wow, it actually looks normal.

Thank you based Shinbo.

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What the fuck was her problem anyway?
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She's too perfect.
Not from my point of view.
She's better in the movie.

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Why do so few anime benefit from being in HD aside from the older ones? Most aren't even animated above 720p. What shows look good enough to justify watch in HD, let alone 1080p?
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I remember this thread. And it's completely false. All Cel anime benefit from HD remakes unless the original was damaged, lost, or destroyed. Just because you bought some shitty Dragonball BD or SEED BD and it looked like shit doesn't mean all BDs for 70s-90s anime look like garbage. 99% are improvements that aren't altered because distribution companies know retarded Americans associate HD with 16:9.
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native 1080p.png
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The flashy and well animated ones.
Or this.

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Weekly Shounen Jump’s, and all of Shueisha, longest running series has its ending scheduled for September 17th. Amounting to 200 Volumes and who knows how many chapters (they aren’t numbered like other Jump series).

Osamu Akimoto has worked continuously on his magnum opus, never missing a single WSJ issue; the final chapter will have the honor of being that WSJ’s issue cover, not even Dragon Ball and Naruto were graced with this, only Slam Dunk was ever honored this way, Kochikame will be the second series to have it.
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Shueisha already has the series final volume cover ready, and the cover for the final WSJ issue the series will be part of.
Wow I'm depressed; everything is ending this year...
Fuck mods, just sticky this already.

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