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Why is he such a bro?
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anime is inherently superior to manga
wasting 4 fucking episodes on a filler character, I just hope they card Jack,too alongside Gon leaving only Sawatari and Yuya alive.
he could probably shit on Yuri, GB's are fucking strong

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I believe we all can agree that this was the second best NT volume.
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1, 4-10, and 13 were all better.
It was actually pretty fucking average considering the premise not to mention almost nothing actually happens except for shipping going through the roof
Was norse mythology and amakusa necessarius exam licensed?

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It's out.


Demon Mel is back. OTP is dead. Elizabeth finally confirmed best grill.
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>grope away

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Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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Most Likely to be the best
I want to have a big, sweaty orgy with the K-ONs and /a/.
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Only hagu now.
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Issho ni hagu shiyou
sexy creepy
I want to cum on Dia's face.

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Are you ready for the You drama?
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I will bet my virginity that there will be no You drama.

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You drama is already done.
There's no more drama left.
Kill yourself.

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This was suppose to kill DAL and Infinite Stratos.

How come it sold like crap and still has no season 2?
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Claire was too much of a shit and killed the sales.
holy shit thank you for reminding me that existed
Wasn't even the best harem when it aired that season.

Still catching up on this so I'm not gonna stick around for spoilers but just had to say WHAT THE FUCK.

HOW does he still have this obsession with Emilia after all he's been through with Rem, fucking pick the girl that actually makes sense to pick. Jesus. He's had so much less development with Emilia compared with Rem. The half-demon's about 10x better then Emilia anyway.
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The witch, my child.

The witch...

Subaru never liked to eat his vegetables growing up, that's why.
She's a half-elf OP

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So is this literally one punch man with psychic powers?
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It's literally not.
Walmart OPM

Why does Japan hate them so much? Why do they never win?
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Because the slut "wins" everyday already.
Gals kind of are the antithesis of otaku.

I used to be an edgy teenager a decade ago. I couldn't stand the popular girls either, and to defend my virgin heart I told myself they were all whores and sluts and worthless.

To think that people my age are going around being misogynistic like this still is kind of weird. Man children deciding the industry is just sad.
Hoes are made to smash n' dash, not to hold hands with.

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miracle of the universe
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Indeed I would have a big bang with her
Acts all vulgar but fears the dick
Reminder that she's not actually naked under that sheet, she wears a skin colored skintight suit.

>The twins dindu nuffin
>They was a good loyal maids
>Did their chores every morning cut the grass real low
>Subaru was acting suspicious and deserved
>She just wanted revenge for her sister

Fucking Oni apologists, why do they keep getting away with it.
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What the fuck is she up to now? Did she know all this shit with the cultists was gonna happen?
>Rem is safe and all
>Ram flips her shit anyway

why the fuck
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So, is Aoko now completely useless?
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She's still got bangin' tits.

So not completely anyway.
Blue has always been best.
Many other girls got better tits.

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gg sure was quick
It has come a long and often painful way but I hope it ends like you say and >>146395803 others have noticed too.

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God damn I fucking love these things. Anyone else feel the same?
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Nice furfag circlejerk you faggots.
Thanks for stopping by
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>that transition from edge to cute Lala

This is why she's so perfect

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