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New series from the author of Iron Knight, it's Red Sprite, a series that looks completely fucking played out.

I'm not interested in this at all. Let's get it over with.

Boku no Hero Academia >>146442442
World Trigger >>146443317
Love Rush (not me) >>146443128
The Promised Neverland >>146444379
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Yeah, I'm gonna give this one like three or four chapters cause this didn't immediately hook me.
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>literally the first page
>shitty forced title drop

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>120% Woah.
Armin a shit.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
BRA a best.
Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki.

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Editor-kun confirmed 85 is "120%"
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie a reason to live
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
reposting my expectations:

Chapter 85:
- Armin waking up and reacting to him becoming a shifter
-Final goodbye to Erwin, they leave the body behind
- The impact of chapter 84 on the 104th's relationships with Levi and Hanji
-Ymir's letter. They don't learn much from it and decide to go to the basement.

Chapter 86
- They find Eren's house and the shiganshina trio has flashbacks yada yada
- It's destroyed but the entrance to the basement seems intact.
- Eren uses his key and unlock the door. Hanji says the door isn't special and could have been smashed easily, so the key probably has another use.
- They go into the basement and it's only full of books and notes about medecine and science.
- The search the whole room and find a weird case which looks quite modern.
- Only Eren's key can open it.
- They open it and everybody goes "WTF". Chapter ends, volume 21 ends without us seeing what is inside the case.
>Playing the game
>Get a side mission to help Bert rescue Armin
>Can't stop laughing my ass off the whole time

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread >>146406548
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is 稚戯 an edgy way of writing 児戯?
There was no jump for me, I never made the distinction when picking which manga I would read and the lack of furigana never manifested itself as a problem to me. Just use kanjitomo and there's pretty much no difference from reading with furigana.

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Read the guide

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Very nice Miku
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Re-release when??

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The last chapter (154), which I did not dump last week, is in the pastebin

Do you read Bleach? Here's a rip of Viz's take on the final chapter: http://www95.zippyshare.com/v/B0RejW6S/file.html

Boku no Hero Academia >>146442442
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Not-WSJD-kun here. Dumping the second chapter.

There's good news too. WSJD-kun is back, so he'll dump all those other trash manga you read again and The Promised Neverland was added officially to Viz's WSJ. I won't dump that though, only did so last week, because Niggastream was late, so wait for based WSJD-kun.

Also there's a new series called Red Sprite which I won't dump either, because it's diarrhea and not just bland/generic like Love Rush.
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kys faggot, we were on page 5.
So we are basically confirmed to get this scene again but the other way around?

No way Junko can beat Juzo up.

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Who's up on SB69?
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Is it a Trichronika episode?
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Shuzo did a retarded dance. With his natural fabolousness, dat fucking tail and Miyano's voice it was great though.
Also, suddenly ROM!!

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Shipping Edition

Post your OTP and why you ship it
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Why are people shipping little kids?
Renji, Ichigo and Kazui having foursome with Ichika.
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Because its CUTE

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Easily episode of the season so far.
Claw arc starting next episode
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Raws are out.
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Who is going to pre order the Bluray?

Sorry but we need a megumeme thread NOW!
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She's a little girl you sick fucks
so is your sister

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Chapter 14 just came out in Japan. Scans should be up in 2-3 hours.

Up to date links to all media: http://pastebin.com/2wvjCyrV

Nogi Wakaba is a Hero Chapter 13: http://www.mediafire.com/download/lxfmetf7ki4f3t6/NoWaYu_-_Chapter_13_Falling_Petals.pdf

PDF Folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jokcujdo2jq4n/Nogi_Wakaba_is_a_Hero_LN

Nogi Wakaba is a Hero 4koma Chapter 9: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4gs0n64k9b8kcah/Nogi_Wakaba_Web_4-koma_Chapter_9.zip

Nogi Wakaba is a Hero Drama CD: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/or3fe1q54pv86/Nogi_Wakaba_Drama_CD
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Well shit. This is going to end badly.
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At least Yuuna is not the devil!

>28 year old
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Wait Hotaru's a cake?
i thought she was the same age or at least 2 years older
She's not 28

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Reminder not to post spoilers until after the entire volume is posted.

Let's follow the story of a young boy named Seiya and his friends in a world where Greek gods rule the universe. Struggle, friendship, family, rivalries, BATTLES and lots of blood awaits them in this classic manga that inspired and still continues to inspire generations of mangaka!


Without further ado, let's begin.

Volume 1 >>145382257
Volume 2 >>145430404
Volume 3 >>145478783
Volume 4 >>145515571
Volume 5 >>145569343
Volume 6 >>145621448
Volume 7 >>145667044
Volume 8 >>145717135
Volume 9 >>145767905
Volume 10 >>145823118
Volume 11 >>145878958
Volume 12 >>145932889
Volume 13 >>145986243
Volume 14 >>146041287
Volume 15 >>146093563
Volume 16 >>146142714
Volume 17 >>146188816
Volume 18 >>146280806
Volume 19 >>146329252
Volume 20 >>146391785
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Saint Seiya pastebin, courtesy of anon: http://pastebin.com/vmYRvpXN
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Incorrect terms/names so far

Knights = Saints
Shina = Shaina
Princess Sienna = Saori Kido
Lord Nobu = Mitsumasa Kido
Jab = Jabu
Morris(silver jobber) = Moses
Sanctuary Master = Pope
Mephisto = Death Mask
Didaros(Shun's master) = Daedalus
Mainstay = Main Breadwinner
File: IMG_2062-B.jpg (461KB, 1024x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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