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Is Kirino taller than you?
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Kill kirino and yuuki mikan
No, but she's pretty tall for a little gook girl.

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Why do lolis liek birds?
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Keep posting
got breasts. too old
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You've gotta do your part too anon.

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Who would win?

You all know this is bait. Who cares about that? They're both gods. Nobody would win, even if they were both at full power.

Most importantly, how do we BEAT them?
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>how do we beat them
>make them fight each other
Dr.Manhatan punches Saitama so that he flies into deep space and suffocates instead of letting him hit the Moon and jump back.
The End.

Dr.Manhatan fucked of because DRAMA. Just make more DRAMA and he kills himself and if we're lucky the Earth won't blow up when he does.
Dr. Manhattan is super vulnerable to cucking.

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how long has it been, /a/?
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I have never really cared very much about this. While I do get angry when something has evidently been dropped and I will never receive an update ever again, normally I don't even wait. I just periodically check for updates on the stuff I'm reading. Monthly for the stuff that has a good release history, yearly for the stuff that does not.
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Any day now

Have you seen it?

Did you like it?
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One of my favorite shits ever.
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Bo i for firbt time watche Berial Ekberiment Lain and jubt abk: "Dub Lain hab dub Anibcheral"???

For inbtanb:

be ubeb digital taimb and hab abbebion of digital taimb.

Furthermore, who an booky alien lain ware the bweater, it ib reprebentative of Chribtian-chan.

Albo, tell a me over lain: why dub be bare bear boot?

And be becomeb ultimate Pizza God (RAIN MAN) at the end? What the fuck?!

I don't know but Let's all love Lain!

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How do we save archer characters? Either their bows turn into swords and they stop being archers altogether, or they just shoot things at close range which defeats the point.
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Make them like the Vanadis guy, and have them win by pulling crazy trick shots and beating longbows with their short bows.
You don't, because archers are only useful in formations.
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Trick arrows and sharp bows

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Kill yourselves if you think this is better than the original.
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what is this?
Space Battleship Yamato?
It much better than the original you pleb contrarian.

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Fansub thread?
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that's not a fansub that's some chinese bootleg subs

>tfw used to own these subs on DVD but gave em to an exgf


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Is there a single person on this earth that likes Emiya?
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King Arthur.
How about real person, e.g. the audience.

Promotional video for second season released, and voice actresses of the band Bud Virgin Logic revealed.


Those are the voice actresses of BVL.
Aireen - Ruriko Noguchi (no remarkable roles so far)
Peipein - Manami Tanaka (Alice from Golden Mosaic)
Handorekko - Ibuki Kido (Sakuya Shimazu from Isuca)
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So they won't retcon human Cyan.
Well, only Kobayashi is known in Arcarefact.
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BVL Voice Actresses.jpg
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What's the cringiest show you've ever seen?
And I don't mean "people who watch it are cringeworthy", but the show itself is painfully awkward to watch.
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This is the cringiest post I've ever seen
Watamote, there's a VERY good reason it's labeled as "cringe comedy."

Eureka 7 thread. Remember this masterpiece?

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I remember 30+ episodes of child abuse/neglect before I dropped the piece of shit
I want to punch pink eureka in her throat

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Let's settle this once and for all.
Red or blue?
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Nothing to settle here, Blue has always been considered the literal worst Chaika. Red wins by default, no contest.
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White Chaika best Chaika. Stop trying to be contrarian by liking other colors!
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Natsumi is Cute edition
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Nah, she is a cunt also dark Tohka in the cover again? This author doesn't even care at this point.
He need to regain all the lost from QC.
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It's pretty unnatural to have the same girl on the cover of their 2nd arc volume.

Also, Natsumi a cute.

What does /a/ think of Erased?
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I read the manga after I watched it and it was certainly better. Why did they change it in the anime?

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