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>implying there exists an anime character that could defeat Ricardo Martinez 1v1 faggot
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Basically anyone who had magical powers.

Ippo. In about 75 years.
>so this is the level of the world...

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You were magically transformed into a girl.
How do you proceed?
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Magically transform back because I'm not interested in losing my gains.
Please old men for funds
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>Not wanting to be a natty tomboy

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Why do we hate her again?

She was right, incest is morally wrong and disgusting. All of these fan conspiracy theories about her being some sort of master manipulator has been debunked for years now. She's just being a defender of morality, the Kant of Anime.
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4 episodes into season 1 (but I have a basic idea of how the whole series goes). She seems like the only fucking rational character in the whole series other than spiral glasses otaku girl.

the dad is right too
She's a Kant allright
Another retarded Manami thread? Fuck off shitposert.

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Is Nagisa best girl
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Yes, she is.
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Hi guys, that's actually a boy.
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I'm going to reply with this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish.

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What an utterly useless power.
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It's good for handjobs.
>touch self
>immune to fire
>immune to freezing
It's good for pranks though
>Day hot as shit
>Friend comes to a.c. room
>Touch him and now he can't cool down

Goku Turns Super saiyan comparison(original vs remake)
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>no oozaru scream

But at least the new has more vibrant colors.
>links youtube to thread

The remake has some superior shots, but for the most part it seems much stiffer than the original.

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Can we have a moment of silence for Risa Taneda?
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>Explaining that it is due to health concerns, WWW.WORKING!! explained that the role of Kisaki Kondoua will now be played by Nana Mizuki (Naruto's Hinata, Symphogear's Tsubasa). They thanked fans for their understanding

Nana Vult?
>Not posting best ship

also fuck you

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3DPD Edition. Only oolong tea can save you from this nightmare.
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Absolutely no homo.
I fucking love this series
I bet she'll be cute without makeup.

Is it alright to discuss Kingsglaive here on /a/, or should i move over to wherever?
If it's okay: What is your opinion about Kingsglaive?
Did you like? Did you hate it?
I think it's just Advent Children all over again. But somehow even more shittier.
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>I think it's just Advent Children all over again. But somehow even more shittier.

>I think it's just Advent Children all over again. But somehow even more shittier.
Explain please.
Shit movie again except this time it's not just a cash-in it's a death rattle of a dying company + franchise


Anon's I just found this, I dont know how far behind I am but is this true ? Am I really looking at what It says I am ? or just another (VERY WELL MADE) fake.
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Yes, it's real. But I wish it wasn't.
do only visual novels with sentence-for-title and moeshit get 2d adaptations these days?
Yes. Anime is dead. It will only get worse.

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>tfw you're going to debut against a filler villain.
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Thanks for not posting the real spoilers, asshat.

Infighting between allies!? BB’s counterattack begins!
During the Tag Duel between Jack & Yuya vs BB & Sanders, BB suddenly turns his fangs against Sanders!?

>implying that card is going to be used
>implying anything is going to ever happen
It's the upcoming set so it wouldn't be out of the question. It's not like debuting shiny new toys against literally whos in less important duels hasn't been a thing before.
The cover usually debuts 3-4 weeks before the set release.

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What is it about Miyazaki's works that make them so appealing to people? Are they as good as everyone says or just praised because people watching them are unfamiliar with most anime?
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You answered your own question OP
They convey excitement and a sense of adventure really well.
His movie are pure.
Animation and Muh childhood adventure.

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Is Subaru a bad character or a good character? Is he relatable or annoying? Is he realistic or just inconsistently written to create drama?

What's the truth /a/? It can't be both.
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>willing to kill himself in Arc 2 for the maids
>unwilling to kill himself in Arc 3 until Emilia dies

You know, Re Zero would probably be more interesting if it focused more on how the protagonist valued his life less and less.
He's a bad person but a good character.
He is not regular in his way of thinking.
which makes a lot of scenes forced drama

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>*17,191位/*16,481位 (***,127 pt) [*,**1予約] 2016/09/27 チア男子!! 1 (特装限定版) [Blu-ray]

>*20,719位/*20,025位 (***,178 pt) [*,**0予約] 2016/10/26 91Days VOL.1(イベント優先販売申込券封入) [Blu-ray]
LL with all the scamming of Scamco won't be outselling Osomatsu.
It's set off to outselling Osomatsu volumes maybe aside from the super extra features and tickets including, reduced price first volume.
If predictions are anything to go by, it will probably sell 60-70k at this rate.

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