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Does /a/ like cute girls with a down to earth/girl next door charm, like Megumi?
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I do. I dont like girls with fake personality or appearance
>Megumi is the most popular girl

Of course they do.
I liked her more than Eriri, that annoying bitch.

>All Jojos are self-inserts
>but Shirou isn't
Fucking explain this shit fatefags.
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I thought the jojo MCs were based of american celebrities.
Who cares what they think. Fate is shit. That's why it's on its way out. UBW killed all discussion. Thank goodness.
Why is 4chan so obsessed with self-inserting?

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>Naruto ended
>Bleach ended
>Nisekoi ended
>Fairy Tail is ending soon
>Toriko is ending soon
They're dropping like fucking flies.
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if the mods wont kill the generals then at least their sources will die
>Black Clover just started and will soon be worse cancer than all the series you mentioned together
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boku no hero43534.jpg
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>implying new shounenshit isn't popping up already

Pic related has almost as much homolust as Nardo.

misaka still the qtest
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Mikoto a shit.
fight me irl
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What are you saying? She never stopped being the cutest.

The raw (as in, not filthy Korean-translation) is now out for chapter 71!
Time for a dump. Might translate some stuff later.
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Starting off well with Yami masturbating while thinking of Rito.
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>it's a Ginko is right but no one listens to him episode
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Ginko is rude. I don't know why everyone puts up with his shit.
he's the opposite of rude

incredibly professional yet humble about himself

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And that's not everything!
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>Definite end with a child

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Let's compare the two:


Lilith incarnated into a human being
Intelligent (Lilith's mind + Yui's genius genetics + Angel DNA)
Technically super-powerful (Generated the most powerful AT-field ever recorded after all Angels had presented themselves)
Was psychologically oppressed and manipulated to do NERV's bidding, but ultimately defeats them
Consistently on-point, rarely if ever screws up
Saves among others, Asuka on a regular basis
Ends up becoming God, prevents SEELE from achieving their plan together with Shinji


Lilim, one of Lilith's spawn, AKA human being
Not so bright, easily makes mistakes, poor grades
Literally the strength of a 14 year old girl
Was psychologically oppressed and manipulated to do NERV's bidding, and died in their service
Relies on others to save her, and ends up killing innocent people with her carelessness
Ends up being raptured by instrumentality, ends up in a beach being choked by Shinji

So let's face it. Rei is undeniably superior to Asuka in just about every way that matters.
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>Rei is undeniably superior to Asuka in just about every way that matters.
We know.
>it's that toiletfag and his headcanon again
Fucking kill me already.
See it's all fine and dandy if you're into scat OP, but don't try to justify it with shitposts. Save it for the toilet.

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world's end harem.jpg
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Which one of those girls MC won't fuck?
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All 4.
Why is the little sister such a slut?
The better question is why are women still sluts without men?

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What is arbitrarily the best episode of Nichijuo?
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8, obviously.
That word doesn't mean what you think it means.
16 and 25. Takemoto is a genius.
Lifelong Friendship voucher

What the fuck did I just watch?
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The best anime made in the last five years.
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A masterpiece.
A masterpiece. There's no other word.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't believe you
I am the fin of my fish.
I like it

>bag inspections
wtf i thought this was america
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Don't worry if she just keep saying "Am I free to go" I'm sure the school police will let her go without a search.
You ever been to the inner city?
Japan is a fascist country, as are the US.

New chapter out!
Sad af.

Now pick a gem and come join the FUN.
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right, here is the chapter
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Gah, posting from mobile so I don't have any more pics of my gemfu. This chapter has 200% more tourmaline and it's super good.

It's a shame to see Phos Crack under pressure.
I can only hope he can find some piece. Ghost as well.

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Is he the only male character in all of anime who can actually rock pink without looking like a faggot?
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it's more violet, I know, but it's not too different

there's an episode tomorrow, right?
That's not pink
>implying he isn't being gay as fuck with Zamasu
Anon... you need to get out of the closet.

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