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Lawful Evil or Chaotic Good?
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Chaotic Good is a meme, it doesn't exist.
My katana says otherwise.
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This pleases me.jpg
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Lawful Evil is the only tolerable alignment

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>so oishii in my mouth!

Why do translators like to not translate shit like this?
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To preserve the Japanese spirit.
Because people read English translations to learn Japanese of course.
It's usually just for the things that can't be translated though, like itadakimasu (Which some use "let's eat" for anyway so)

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Mai Ball 28 is out

Which girl is best girl?
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I'm only on the third volume, started reading a few days ago, but so far I would say that Mitsu a cute.
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Translators are on a roll again.

All girls are best girl. But Akane is the bestest.
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Seriously, what does she see in him

He's so blank and empty, just a fucking husk

I mean I'd like it better if she was digging the school Chad or something christ
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I mean fuck some guy walks up and rips on him and whats her name has to get mad on his behalf, and then he's confused why she's mad

fucking shit man this is utter trash
He's a cute autist, and Usami is easy to please.
Threadly reminder that he is cuter than her.

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Anon, I think I'm in love.
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Sorry, I can't help you with that.
I do hope you get better soon though.
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Houki > Tatenashi > Charlotte > Kanzashi > Lin > Cecilia > germany > laura(Real Worst Girl)

Is Boku no hero Academia the new HxH? The fights are based on strategy and not so much on raw nakama power. And everyone have unique power. Deku have the best character development I have ever seen. After reading so much shonen crap this manga is breath of fresh air. I think for now this is the best shonen in jump right now.
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BnHA is nothing like HxH.

>Deku have the best character development I have ever seen.
>I read ten manga
Read more.

>I think for now this is the best shonen in jump right now.
Wan Piss of Shit exists.
>the best shonen in jump right now.
How can you bring up HxH in a post and immediately forget it's existence right after?
Wan Piss was good 5 years ago. Now it boring as hell. Only fanboys defend it. Dressrosa arc was so bad that i forgot mu name while watching it. And I was looking forward it way too much.

What the hell was this? This is the most contrived shit ever.
>Haha kill all the Japanese! Oh, oopsie!
What the fuck?
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Shit was hilarious. Rarely have i seen a shows writing take such a nosedive in terms of quality.
I was Just thinking of reewatching code geass.
its called a mistake. People make them. Still greatest anime of all time. Only time /a/ was good

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What does /a/ think about erased?

>inb4 NTR
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Explain why did he cried the moment he saw Kayo holding a child.

>Implying it's not tears of cucked.
I want to fuck Satoru.

Shota version of course.
You think kayo was going to wait 15 years for him?

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Sex with Madoka-chan is _____________.
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What is it about her that makes her so desirable, I don't know why but of all the girls I want sex with Madoka the most.

Is this gay? Do girls really sleep together like this?
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Only if they are Turbo Lesbians.
I can't because I have issues with sleeping near other people but most of my friends do that all the time.
Dudes shower together, is it gay?

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Translations for volume 3 of Yandere-chan's magical billiards has completed. Once again the White Queen is to blame for everything.
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Just started reading the update, but I feel almost obligated to play the Yellow Devil theme whenever someone summons The Original Yellow.
Also, Beyondetta is great.
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Apparently loliDetta is even better, js06 said she's his favorite (not Queen) character.
Is this another Kamachi series? Is it harem? Are the girls good, is the MC tolerable like he was in Zashiki?

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Here's why i think re: zero falls apart in my different ways.

Keep in mind I've only seen up to episode 16, but I've plenty of reasons to not care to continue. There's a point where it's not worth seeing it to the end after 6 hours of story.

My issue with re: zero is it's lack of focus onto any particular theme, plot point, or character development that holds up in a meaningful way throughout the series. There are no motifs, or any sign that what i see will be relevant onto the story later without having to slog through meaningless bullshit. Anything i get seems to be thrown away for no good reason later on.

For example.

We have 3 episodes that gives us a tight, focused story on subaru meeting a couple of characters over returning an item. In this time we get some good characterization from felt(poor ambitious child), some characterization from the old man(lazily old dude that cares for felt like a grandchild but with rough exterior), some characterization for emelia(nice girl* it's not a particularly strong character statement), and some characterization from subaru(a neet that tries to find a stereotypical role to fill in an "anime" world).
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At this point, i like it. It's a good hook into the series with a solid cast and premise. Bonus points becuase it seems to come off as self-aware through subaru and pokes fun at cliches.

I'll start and point out the questionable decision in pacing to throw two of these characters to the backburner and have a complete shift to slice of life murder mystery mansion setting(i'm not even including the assasin and knight). This went from an adventure chase that took place across different areas of a city to a static mansion. I don't care if the previous characters come back 10 episodes later. It's jarring and breaks flow to introduce a whole house of a new cast.

I'll also point out that if you're going to do that, don't make the cast a complete cliche(moe twins, a loli, confident homo erotic male).


We get to the mansion and have to be reintroduced to new characters. This is an inherent "retcon" of a cast foundation. 4 episodes into your anime. It isn't just adding characters. It's a re-learning of who we're suppose to care about. Emelia certainly isn't strong enough of a character to afford to be absent. I'd even say it's detrimental that she occasionaly shows up just to interact with subaru and enforce him.

At this point you guys are probably saying something along the lines of "she isn't suppose to be the center of attention, she has her own life away from subaru. She's independent". I disagree. That pretty much solidifies that the anime is only about subaru and his unbearable character "development", which i don't think is good enough to hold the anime by itself . What am i getting out of subaru selfishly crying for 16 episodes exactly?
This is enforced with the opposite "overdeveloping" of rem. I say overdeveloping becuase the anime focuses so much on her just to do so little. She is given a back story, she has a dynamic arc with subaru, and she has motives(keep in mind she developed into a character that hinges on the existence of subaru). What happens? She's shafted to highlight subaru's character trait.
I.e shes torturted by cult leader just to make subaru suffer, she becomes a character who's purpose is to serve subaru, is supportive of subaru when he needs it, ect.

The main love interest is underdeveloped and the developed "love interest" is treated like a plot device.

Look, i get it. We've had our string of gary stu's for the past couple of anime seasons. That doesn't mean that a character that comes along to be bad at everything is a good character. There's more to good character writing other than "look how cringey he is!". He's unreflective and events around him only happen to reinforce his lack of learning. It's just a small part on to the bigger shit show that is the anime.

And that there lies on my biggest issue with the anime.

Subaru, who is suppose to be the one carrying the anime, who demands a cast around him to be neglected in the eyes of the viewer, is too weak of a character for this show to be considered "good". There is no learning for subaru to justify so many episodes. You can't have subaru suicide to save the twins in one episode, have him be scared to die in every episode after, say that he actually didn't learn anything the whole time and expect that to be acceptable. I don't give a shit that he "derives his worth from the views around him" because everything falls apart around him for little return, if any. There's no solid theme, plot point, or characterization that stands out as exceptional.
I say weak plot point because the "grand focus" seems to change every couple of episodes. The only consistent plot point is his death cycle, which is underused imo.

What are some examples of how the death cycle can be used interestingly?

>killing yourself thousands of times to learn a bunch of interesting talents
>having a death "limit"; something like you can only die x amount of times, or if certain things conditions happen the respawn is moved.

How cool would it be to have an episode where subaru carelessly goes throughout the day fucking up his relationships just to find out that if he dies after x time the spawn point changes. Leaving his fuck up permanent, and he fails to kill himself by that time?

The death cycle in re:zero is cryptic. That's not necessarily bad, but i have no reason to think much of it because subaru questions it far less than he should.

At most the death cycle is just an excuse for the writers to torture subaru without consequence aside from his "break down". A break down that happens becuase he cares so much about the people around him, yet his character is suppose to be about not actually caring about people around him? Also not addressing the viewer's elephant in the room that is "this nigga can just respawn whenever something goes bad, right?".

>but he doesn't like dying because of pain!

Then why does he put himself in positions that cause pain? Like getting beat up by the knight or fighting evil characters? His main dissatisfaction from dying is the pain, yet he puts himself in a position to have pain for people who he doesn't actually care about aside from their views of him? Views he can reset from dying?

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Where were you when the Gyaru got told off?
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Really says something when the tan friend is basically driving these thoughts into his head. I mean first girlfriend and all, and she pulls this shit?
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Have tits, just because. Also it seems this series is coming out extremely fast for a monthly
Let me guess, another "i'm not worth of you" bullcrap?
That's the betaest thing to do. Even below a cuck.

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Can someone explain to me the appeal of this shit and why so many people on /a/ defend it?
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Nico Robin
Best Anime/Manga of all time.
You mad you're Reeee:zero sucks
it's fun, sorry it triggers your autism

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Did everyone drop this show?
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I use this show as a form of mental abuse in order to punish myself for liking little girls so no

Thead's over already >>146667947

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