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Why is no one translating this awesome shit?
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what i am looking at?
What's awesome about it?
Because they don't know the name of it.

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Why can't I meet Madoka despite omnipresence? I want to see her.
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You can! That's because "she" has another name in a variety of situations. Were you guys aware that Madoka loves sweets? What "she" can make waffles is not her only merit. "She" likes making cookies. Probably, "she" was taught that method from Mami. "Madoka" often remake cookies for a study of the sweets or another reason. In addition, "she" wants to show the benefits of "her" practice to a lot of people including Mods. Of course you know she can travel at higher speed from the scene of Megucas' salvation to many countries. It looks just like Internet communications. "She" would like to distribute "her" cookies and make a lot more together with everyone, if you know what I mean! If she obtained a communication failure on the community, she would iron out difficulties. "She" might perform a ceremony that she will restart "her" wireless LAN for a fresh feeling or another reason, though. Anyway, you have my word on "her" sincerity.
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What is "she" gazing at?

Imoutos have changed.
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She's just on her super saiyan form
Super Saiyan Slut.

Also Kyouka is a lot less tan in the OVAs.

Does that mean Goku sucked a thousand dicks

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What is Dragon Ball series?
Dragon Ball, Z, GT or Super (so far)?

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Pan should've been the main character
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Not counting any of the filler, Dragonball is the best series, with DBZ and Super a close second. GT has it's moments but is 90% junk with outrageously bad pacing and it's good that it was retconned out. Best fighting man anime.
Z is winning

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Gorou reminds me of someone
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>You will never discipline Shota Tomo

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D-does this mean we may see young tomomom?

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Would Initial D be improved if Takumi was a cute girl?
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Only if (s)he still had short hair
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why do most of the girls in this series look like Takumi?

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Ugly girl thread
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ur mum m8
Her sex voice more than make up for it.

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>no Moeka good ending

Fuck this, even the shitty cat maiden got one.
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Moeka is shit

Not sure a good ending where she loves Okabe is possible. Too much baggage and no compatibility.
But was it rape?

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Aur is the nightmare of your typical harem boys.
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I wish Goblin Slayer would take care about that faggot.
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>Have to use drugs and magic instead of harnessing the pure power of the D
>Sperg and chimp out at an attempt of betrayal.
>Camping in a dungeon instead of actually going out and kill shit like a badass.
>Single face expression and no charisma.
>Shit fashion sense
>Doesn't even have his own rape music.
>Probably couldn't choking a demon bitch with his bare hands and while fucking her bare back.
>His bitches are low-tier moe blob clones with little to no personalities.
Get a load of this guys. Now bow down to the power of HYPER WEAPON.
Beta detected.

GS is a bro tho and he isn't your typical harem betafag.

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>go to kitchen
>see this
what do
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run outside and call the police
wake up
>kneel down
>stuff my face in her butt

Why aren't there more good University/College set anime/manga?

Why is there this focus on Highschool?
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Come on
I wish more Dasei 67 Percent would get translated.
Picked up

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>On September 1, 2016, Office Osawa announced that Taneda would put her career on hiatus to focus on treatment for an unspecified illness.


That's it. Yuyushiki S2 is dead. Fuck this gay earth.
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>Yuyushiki S2
Was there ever even a chance for it to begin with? Don't get me wrong, I totally loved S1, but iirc it wasn't amazingly successful.
It still has a cult following in Japan.
Blu-ray box sold out

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/a/. In youth your true self wished to be a hero, did it not? A hero that would save the world. You believed in that. You desired it more than life.

Am I wrong?
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>A hero that would save the world.
Nah, I just wanted to be a hero who would beat up shit.
In my youth I stared at girls' panties. I was a very horny child.
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>Howard Reid, Arthur the Dragon King: How a Barbarian Nomad Became Britain's Greatest Hero

King Arthur was a russian.

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Mob Psycho chapter 95 (part 5) is done.
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>Give me one


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Describe this lesbian.
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I-is this allowed here?

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