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Are we finally leaving this god forsaken school?
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They're leaving? I was just starting to enjoy the School plot, with everyone trying to kill everyone and Kurumi going zombie-mode.
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Staying there isn't going to cure Shovel, after all.
I only watched the show. What happens to shovel?

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Why does Illya get the short stick in every single Fate route?

She never got her route made.

She was implied to die in the Fate route.
She literally gets eye gouged, crawls around desperately looking for her partner, and gets crushed by Gil in the UBW route.
She sacrifices herself in HF.
Even in the alternate universe based around her, she can never be with the one man she really loved, because the age difference is an actual thing there, instead of just the meme it is in the Fate games.

Illyasviel Von Einzbern is truly a character with no good endings, and that makes me sad, considering how much I like her as a character and person.

Her actions all make sense and become infinitely more tragic when you see that Shirou was, according to her grandfather for her entire life, the reason that her parents are gone. Shirou is the big bad to her, and only when she meets shirou, and starts to love him, she can accept her life, and dies for him.

Illya deserves a route. I want to see her happy for once, I don't care if it has no H-scene, or if it's the shortest route, but I just want a happy ending for her character. I want to see her survive and finally fulfill her dream. I don't care about no caster, no rider route, but Illyasviel really does deserve one.
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She's sub human so it doesn't matter.
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>literally as german/aryan as possible
>absolutely top tier magician
>subhuman simply because she's a vessel for grail

how does it feel having such shitty standards for what is "sub human"
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>She never got her route made

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Edna cont.
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Loli of the season? Loli of the season.
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>no romance in toz
>no romance in berseria
Fuck anime

Will there ever be an anime better than Hyouka?
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Yes, everything.
Probably not this decade.
Honestly chetonda didn't get enough corruption doujins.

Continuing on from where we left off: it's episodes 69-82 today + Beautiful Dreamer.

It's been 35 years since this anime aired, and I don't think /a/ has ever really celebrated it. For those who haven't seen it, it was a hugely influential anime, and that influence is still being felt by the anime industry today.

Live Stream Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZE3KsBWTXuMqIYFIbPdzXNH65xiauoexQkiAzyap__8

Pastebin alternative: http://pastebin.com/54gfAHjx

New episodes will play at 4pm PST / 7pm EST.

I make no profit, nor gain any benefits from doing this; my sole motivation is to celebrate this classic anime.
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>Beautiful Dreamer

Can't wait.
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picked up the show from your first streams.
I've really enjoyed how comfy this show is.

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New episode soon

Are we gonna get character songs? I want to hear Aoba only OP.
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I can hardly wait. It's already 1.30 AM here.
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I wouldn't mind that.
Nene us shit

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

previous bangin thread >>146361179
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I see >>146404964 as :

With (しま) being omitted because she was startled and started yelling. I can't see it in any other way.

If I'm wrong then please explain it to me.
So I'm new to anki: is there a way to have the question as the japanese audio and the answer as the definition? All the shared decks I've tried seem to have the japanese text as the question? Is there a button to swap this for an entire deck, or practice this way temporarily?

It isn't really an idol anime, so I'm confused...why do the Japanese love Symphogeah? Is it Hibiki's earnest nature? Is it Tsubasa's caring yet tsundere feeling? Is it RedGuy being a magical super powered man for no reason?
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It's Hibiki's ass.
Because it's fun.

They tried to recreate the atmosphere in the follow-up seasons, but they (partially) failed because they confused trainwrecks for fun.
S1 was a trainwreck from what I can tell.

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A new project is coming, have some university girls to live the hype
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Darjeeling is my wife, and I am one of her favorite husbands!
Darjeeling is my wife!

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>styarted reading Berserk as a teen
>24 now
>only a few weeks have passed in their universe
>mfw now Guts is younger than me
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Take it to your blog.
Possible coming stuff for Berserk

>Elf King is healing Cascas retardness
>shortcut on Casca eyes showing her lost her retardness
>10 years timeskip
>Guts and his JRPG party is well known as only enemys against Griffith and Falconia
>only a little percent of humanity is still alive outside of Falconia and live a life full of struggle
>a young girl from a totaly by demons destoryed village is start her trail to find out more about the legendary Black Swordsman and his party in a world full of death and dark fantasay

Then Miura offical pass Berserk to his assistance and play the new [email protected] till the end of his life
Meanwhile in HxH...

What anime had an art style that wasn't necessarily bad but you personally hate it?

S2 of pic related for me.
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Fuck their down syndrome faces
I think most people would agree that Clannad had an objectively awful art style.
The first season had such a great artstyle, too.

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Which anime directors make anything they direct an autowatch for you?
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Him but instead of autowatch it's autodrop.
Mizushima Seiji

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After an 8 month hiatus, it's back and it's beautiful, baby.
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Are you guys ready for cute college girls riding cute bikes this fall?
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>college girls
My dick is ready for spats
I just don't get why so many shows have to be in high school when they're targeted at otaku in their twenties and thirties. They could just as well have been in college.

There just was a lap where I live with helicopters and stuff. Ten years ago, when I left this town, no one was biking. Now afte I came back home everyone is, and you can't even drive a car around.

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Terra ForMars Live Action
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Dumping webms.
holy kek
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