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Nobody is hyped for this meh tier anime.
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I'm still in the ride OP
Another well-animated episode should be incoming given that Yoshimichi Kameda worked on it.
What are you talking about. I'm so hyped I woke up an hour earlier because I couldn't sleep.

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Hajime playing air guitar on Sonia?

Last one 404.
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What happened though?
Threadly reminder to stay strong my Juzobros. We'll carry through this ride, my friends. Stay strong! In 8 hours we'll be back in action!

I'm wondering why it was 404'd in all honesty.
Hopeman went to sleep.

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Will next episode be full of QUALITY?
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You guys are my best friends, I fucking love these threads and all of you.
Shame i'll never know any of you personally.
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Chapter 2
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As always, needs Proofreading, all help is appreciated.
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Nico Robin is so sexy.
I love her.
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Why is it that /a/ is generally Nico > Nami
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Nami will kiss Sanji on the lips this arc.
Because she's exactly like us. She's intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.

Fairy Tail 499 SPOILERS
best girl is kill edition
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Until next chapter. Don't be stupid, no one dies in Fairy Tail
>best girl is kill edition
This is Fairy Tail, do you really think that she's actually dead?

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>Japanese Readers Choose Shonen Jump's Worst Heroines


Top 20 results:

1. OCHAKO, My Hero Academia (6.7%)

2. CHITOGE, Nisekoi (5.9%)

3. ERINA, Food Wars (5.3%)

3. MISA, Death Note (5.3%)

5. Kagura, Gintama (4.5%)

6. Tsurara, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (4.2%)

6. Sakura, Naruto (4.2%) (She should have been number one)

8. Chiaki, Rokudenashi Blues (4%)

9. Medaka, Medaka Box (3.8%)

10. Kokomi, Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan (3.4%)

11. Tsukasa, Strawberry 100% (2.8%)

12. Chika, World Trigger (2.6%)

13. Miho, Bakuman. (2.4%)

13. Sakurako, Psyren (2.4%)

13. Himeko, Sket Dance (2.4%)

13. Nami, One Piece (2.4%)

17. Dakki, Hoshin Engi (2.2%)

18. Lala, To Love-Ru -Trouble- (2%)

18. Kaoru, Rurouni Kenshin (2%)

20. Aika, M×0 (1.8%)

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>18. Kaoru, Rurouni Kenshin (2%)
What? Why?
Honestly all those girls must be pretty great if the largest number of people that hate them is 33

That's my takeaway from this poll, thanks OP
Six percent of 500 is 30 votes.

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What's your fetish, /a/? Are there any anime based around it?
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There needs to be more femdom anime.
I don't know of any anime that revolve around butt worship. Sniffing, licking, etc.

There's also a lack of anime about pee drinking, but only from the source.

Hentai doesn't really count.
I don't think there is an anime about a guy raping girls in their sleep and impregnating them, either with them waking up and it turning into a fullblown struggle snuggle, or them not waking up and being none the wiser

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Praise Ainz-sama thread!
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V11 out yet?
Nothing really to talk about right now. Unless the new manga chapter came out.
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>Ainz still hasn't accepted Albedo's love
>she's going to get her sister and lead a rebellion and rape his bony ass
Ainz please just kiss her or something you b-b-baka!

Why are DDs so good?
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Because there is such a nice variety of them. They cater to all interests.

Arashi certainly caters to mine. Delicious red haired, endearing tomboy with a husky voice will always score 10/10 with me
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>Tracks 4 and 6 of the SuzuKuma bonus CD are the same by mistake
What is Aarashi good for?

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>ruby is a crybab-
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I don't think the last thread had a single muse shitposter, huzzah
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>our life as school idoru begins here and now, let's start over our love raibu no monogatari from zero!
Happy kanan.

With the reveal that Zamasu and Black are not the same person, a few anons pointed out that Black could be another pre existing character.
He has to be someone who:
-Has a hairdo and build similar to Goku
-Has different eyes than Goku, has different hair design( 3 spikes instead of four on the side of his head)
-is the same age as Trunks
-Can learn extremely hard techniques on the fly

So it all points to Zamasu picking up Goten as a kid and raising him as a God. This would mean that Goten was also born on the alternate timeline where Goku died of the heart disease ( which isnt really that odd considering the whole android+cell saga was like 2 weeks), chichi was just pregnant before Goku died.

Will Goku murder his alternate verse son? Will he drop him off with Zeno sama?
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You're giving Super too much credit

But I do like the idea except for

>This would mean that Goten was also born on the alternate timeline where Goku died of the heart disease

I always assumed goten was conceived in the few day before the cell tournament
Goku spent time with his family because he KNEW he was going to die.

Why wouldn't Goku realize he is dying of the heart virus and as such spend more time with his family? and thus lead to him having sex with Chi-Chi earlier?
I guess it's possible. My idea just seems to give him more of a time frame to do it.

>think you're going to die
>fuck wife and conceive another child to live on

Seems to make sense to me. And goku kind of forgot about the heart virus, which is why he forgot to take the meds beforehand and went into a coma.

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Who is the last anime girl you fapped to?
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Vividred needs MOAR porn

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Happy Birthday Isayama-sensei!
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Armin was a mistake
at least now we know for sure the retarded Mongfag is from leddit and now have a place to send him back.
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I'd like to thank Isayama for creating my beloved waifu. That being said, I'M GONNA MARRY HANGE!!

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Take alive, It's Dead or alive, Take alive.
You will survive, Remember try, You will survive.
Take alive, It's Dead or alive.
In a place I cannot move forward anymore, I can feel the light
To bother 1 second… open your eyes
No where is there a night that won’t end if you believe in /ai/ idle activities
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Lucky taters are LEWD.
I want to fuck Lala.
Potatoes with fangs make me uncomfortable

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