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Friendly reminder that Ichiruki clowns lost and they deserved it.
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Should have put Bleach in the title, faggot.
why does orihime dress like a whore in pic?
Kazui and Ichika exploring each other's bodies when?

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Remember her?
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I remember that I'm meant to deito Lucifer.
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I wish I didn't
I remember that the last two games in her series were fucking dog shit.

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Kimi No Na Wa earns 770 million yen in 2 days.
How would anyone ever compete with the true successor of Miyazaki?
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So, he has finally polished his movie to be on par with Miyazaki's ones?
That's like what, 60 million burger dollars?
Is that good for japan?
Shinkai a cute!

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So what's her deal? Is she actually a big shot in Mom's crew?
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That's Pudding.
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>sweet commanders
>pudding is so sweet
What's the deal with the three eyes?

What do you expect?
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Mami kicking Homura's ass.
Any word on whether Urobuchi will be writing?

Honestly I think the story is over. It was over after the series, then a bunch of fans wanted a happier ending, and Urobuchi made a 90-minute movie of himself flipping them off. What more is there to be said?

An assload of music.

Really though >>146378057 is basically right, the story was at a fine end when the series concluded, and the movie just threw this cog in the machine that made everything Madoka sacrificed and anything she taught Homura absolutely meaningless.

At this point, I would completely believe it if the crew working on this came out and said they're only making this so they can keep going with the aesthetic and still get viewers because the characters are still in it.

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Is there a reason for the wheelchair girl to be this busty?
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No exercise, more fat, more chest.
A lot of reasons.
I don't see how those are exclusive

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>High Elf Archer comes to ask for help because goblins have become more active around the elves' forest, thanks to the revival of the demon king. The party goes to the ruins and eventually find a large number of goblins. They manage to kill all of them without a sweat due to Dwarf Shaman's "Drunk" and Priestess' "Silence" spells.

>On the way back however, they run into an ogre (the goblins were sent to him by the demon king). GS doesn't know what an ogre is. The ogre throws fire magic at the party and the Priestess barely manages to save them with her "Protection (Holy Wall)". However she overexerts herself in the process. Lizard Priest uses Dragon Tooth Warriors but they ultimately prove to be futile.

>The ogre's regenerative abilities are too much for the party and he struggles off Elf's arrows and Dwarf's "Stone Blast". GS gets hit badly by the ogre. The rest of party desperately try to fight against the monster. GS drinks heal and stamina potions. He tells Elf that he has a plan and charges at the ogre while everyone else covers him. Ogre tries to cast his fire magic again, but nothing happens.

>Ogre realizes something's wrong as he feels his body's been thrust back, then he sees the lower half of his body away from him. He realizes that he's been chopped in half. As he tries to comprehend what is going on, he notices the smell of seawater in the hall.

>It turns out GS has used a "Gate" scroll that's connected to the bottom of the ocean, and the high-pressure seawater burst split the ogre in half. Everyone is surprised that GS's used an extremely precious scroll with no hesitation, and not for escaping but attacking.

>As Ogre screams in fear and agony, he recalls GS's words upon their encounter - "What? He's not a goblin?". So he's prepared something like this just for hunting goblins?! The ogre thinks. As GS readies to kill ogre, he tells ogre that goblins are more troublesome.

What did GS mean he said "He's not a goblin?"
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Pic related after the fight?
Imagination is the greatest weapon
>What did GS mean he said "He's not a goblin?"
perhaps his targets start to appear like goblins in his mind?

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Read this buyfag.moe
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What site do you guys prefer for your orders, and why? Like amiami gives those neat prints or some other site has lower shippings costs, etc.
fuck off
read the guide

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GET HYPE. PA Works will save anime!

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Aw shit,noice.
Fucking loved this show so sure.
Finally, PA Works is going to make a good show again.

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The war between Red and Blue continues...
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I want to protect this smile.
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Could you be more subtle next time?

Explain time dilation in less than 10 words.
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Faster people age slower than slower people.
When you travel at C, the timeman can't catch up.

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Which is the best of the 3?
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1 > 2 > 3
Though all of them are better than the regular pokemon anime.

Who do you support, /a/?
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Emilia because I am not gay
felt, anarchy rocks

Uh, why does Bell give a shit about Wallenstein? He has an oppai loli cuddling him to sleep every night and pressing her huge titties against his back.
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>oppai loli
>why doesn't a generic and boring anime male MC doesn't give a fuck about the girls who want to suck his dick
Gee I dunno OP
He knows blonde is superior.

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Will he be okay?
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Probably not.
How bad will this flop?
You are as cancerous as stalkershitters

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