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It's time.
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For what?
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I'm hoping the granblue anime will have a lot of fujoshi content.
Dead thread. Finally fujoshits and faggots left /a/.
/a/ is a good place again.

Hopes for season 2?
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Anime original Megumi end.
When is season 2 even going to air, its been confirmed for ages now.

My hopes for season 2 are another haruhi cover, or another popular anime song covered by best girl's band.
It was confirmed for Spring 2017 ages ago.

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The Volume 10 Cover is out.
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This is pretty great.

Which chapters does it cover? Bakugou rescue arc?
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why japs likes isekai so much?
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why the western faggots likes medieval fantasy and sci fi so much?

are their taste so shit?
Why is /a/ so full of brainless faggots that can't write a single sentence properly?
Am I the only one that thinks it's still better than the high school SoL that was the anime meta a couple of years back?

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Waiting for the "The Final Chapter" OVA to be release at 14 February 2017
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Ova? I thought it's still not confirmed
>"The Final Chapter" OVA to be release at 14 February 2017

Gonna need a news source for that.
"Chapter" made me think it'll be a manga.

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Joseph is my inspiration in life
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I know you Gotenfags are so sure that Black is Goten, even though Goten was never born in Future Trunks timeline.

Anyway, here it is.

Black isn't Goten because Goku doesn't recognize him as his son. Maybe us as the viewer can't really tell the difference between Goku and Goten's looks, but Goku would be able to recognize his son. Goten and Goku look different, just not to us.
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>Black is Goten

Do people actually believe this? I thought it was just a meme.
No fucking shit. He's called GOKU Black. Don't take these stupid retards seriously.
>Goku would be able to recognize his son
Just like he did when they first met in dbz right?

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I've analysed Monogatari very thoroughly and it appears that corpse is in fact the best girl
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Thank you for all your hard work, now we finally have the answer.
Which method did you analyze this information with? I'd like to peer review your results to see if they can be replicated.
Best girl is serious business and I doubt someone would come onto the internet just to lie about who is best girl.
You don't even have dubs
and obviously snail a best

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The mememaster is finally here. This should be good.
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Late to the party, Memetobe.The monkey is shaking from fear
it's truck time

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chapter 4 is out on manga$tream


on a scale from 1 to Jiraiya, how dead is Norman?
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He is going to live, he has so many death flags he won't die.
I actually like Norman a lot. I'm gonna be sad when he dies to protect Emma which is inevitable as all hell
Did someone post Love Rush yet?

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Left or Right?
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Mirai is mine!
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Neither of them
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I want to fuck this fox

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Precure thread
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Who MVP here?
Fuck off. The last thread just 404'd with two posts

I was going to reread this manga once again and since a good amount of people here already know it I figured it could be fun doing it together. Newcomers are welcome, of course.

So without further ado let's dive into the ordinary madness that Dorohedoro is.
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Reminder there is an official soundtrack for those who are interested.

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>What he feels? happiness? anger? sadism? or just staring this emotionless, with eyes filled with only darkness?
How well is he mentally?
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>back against the wall at odds
>with the strength of a will and a cause
He has a murder hate boner
He enjoys killing goblins so much it gives him a erection
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he's judge dredd watching criminals burn for their crime

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High Skool.png
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Meanwhile, at High School /a/...

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Today's the day! Today's the day I will finally make a difference!
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Time for P.E.
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