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Coke or Pepsi?
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Cherry Pepsi
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Medaka will grant any request you have.
Rias is only interested in Dragon genes.
Coke all day all night

Why is he so perfect?
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I don't know but I'll take 10 of them, keep the change
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Well that scene was for you guys. A lot of Fujos have serious Kopfkino now, i cant blame them.

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Kodaka to announce at TGS that the trial of DR3 is up in playstation store and steam, we have to solve the anime in form of a trial dlc. Your reactions?
Chisa is the killer
Mikan is cute. CUTE!

Why are loli idols so slutty? Look at this slut showing off her bra
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Best idol, prove me wrong.
That's just Sachiko, she's a little special.

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What's your favorite kind of stomach?
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the fit kind or the average but with small waist and wide hips kind
Girl abs and chubby are equally my favorites.
Thin and tight with slightly visible ribs and abdominal muscles.

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I'm so done with this series.

I put up with some stupid bullshit but this gets more retarded every chapter. Not even good Ecchi as nothing ever happens and they throw this shit plot at you.
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See you next week you weak willed limp dick. I haven't bothered reading this series, just lurked the threads and drop by to see how hentai authors are handling mainstream. It's amazing how the talent must be shit from knocking down too many people in the past it's come to this.
i like it.

I don't understand the hate for he MC.
The hate comes from the fact its wish fulfillment fantasy at its worst

The MC is just a guy who has a girlfriend who shares mutual love with him but suddenly every woman in the world now lusts for his dick but he can't be bothered to fuck a single girl because muh loyalty

Literally the most beta man in the world which makes the plot and story meaningless since the MC won't do anything

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What's next for him?
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Hopefully not a season 2
yo imma be honest

shit's getting boring. this arc has gone on too long. we need a good old fashioned reset and some new drama.

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Who is the strongest Character in all of anime? Can he defeat Juha Bach?
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Hey there.
no me

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Stagiere's gonna be fun.
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The first part will be one episode max
Worst girl after Meat and Megumi.
I want to marry Hisako!

Next episode (23) is titled "Unscrupulous Sloth".

3 episodes left.

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I love Ferri-chan!!!
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Who doesn't?
2nd for oni maids backstab him and get away with it

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New stitches, and quite a few of them.
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Macross Febri.jpg
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>Retarded Frontier-tier scene
>Cassim's death rushed to shit
The music is the only thing keeping it alive

I don't have translations for you this week but I do have Takuan and Batsu.

This poor fucking series is fucking doomed. This week it bottom-ranked. Last place, WSJ is not its home.

Unless a miracle happens, let's just see where this goes and how it ends.

Two chapters I'm dumping this week. Let's go~~

Boku no Hero Academia >>146442442
World Trigger >>146443317
Love Rush (not me) >>146443128
The Promised Neverland >>146444379
Red Sprite >>146445374
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And of course, volume 1 hits shelves in a few days. 9/2. If you want to help this thing survive, BUY IT
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A digital download, and thus easy as fuck to buy. It's 4 bucks, help the author out!

Here's a guide for those who are baffled: https://kaizora.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/how-to-signup-for-honto/

No Pandakovsky thread?


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This is it
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the dream.png
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except forgetting to post picture

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Kantai Collection
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I want to marry Nachi
I want to kiss Pinz tummy.
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good night Akitushima.

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