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Would you marry a crab?
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Only if she promised that she would cut my throat and watch me bleed out if I talked to another girl
I would fuck a Crab regardless of her hairstyle and marry a long haired Crab.

I'd fuck a Cat.
fact: bake had the best openings

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is your waifu a big lady?
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One peso is for babies
nice shitpost. i bet your favorite show is flavor of the month tier that you looked up on MAL/reddit.
>One pesofag getting butthurt because one person dislike his shitty island of the month show

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Just starting the first ep. This sickly-looking unshod loli character certainly is cute, I'll be real upset should anything untoward happen to her.
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She dies.
Great show.
Yeah I read the blurb, but thanks for trying to help I really appreciate it /a/non.

Jesus, chick is all over dude's dick. Hammering that dick like she's makin mochi.

Anyone watching this? First Japanese broadcast starts in a little more than five hours. They'll be beginning with interviews with staff members and seiyuus for the game, and then move to the actual OVA. Crunchy will be releasing a broadcast about two hours later, but won't be releasing any of the interviews.
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Gotta watch it to find out Potter Kuns name
They might just be referring to him by codename for the episode. I'm sure it won't be too hard, especially if not much time is spent in the school. If so, you'll have to wait until the manga for a name which will be ignored in the other spin-offs anyway.
How long is it?

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Imagine all the wild sex with Kyo.
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Why not go straight for Ume-sama when you want it wild?
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Umes body is kinda lacking in every aspect.
I'd rather Kyo desu senpai

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everyone is going to say that it's corteo's fault because avillio told him to get lost as a warning but corteo is right. Avillio dragged his ass into this and none of this would have been possible for avillio without him, and the fact that Corteo was driven into this corner is as much Avillio's fault as it is corteo's

that is all.
Fango's blood is on Avilio's hands, and Corteo's would have been had he not killed Fango.
Corteo got dragged into the abyss and has now completely fucking lost it. This is some Heart of Darkness shit right here.

Avilio/Angelo already reached that point when his family got murdered. And now Corteo's reached that point.

Shit's only gonna get crazier from this point on.

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fuck you.png
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Which JoJo girl is the most likely to get fat?
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Is this real?
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You asked this question last thread. Fuck off with your BBW fetish.

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so are we okay with the adaptation now?

I mean nobody really even knows about ghost in the shell and all people are going to do is try to compare it to the matrix.
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It's gonna be shit so, who cares really? It's funny to me how some people are always so optimistic about these shitty adaptions not paying attention to the directors attached to the projects along with shitty writers and producers( in this case Avi Arad and the guy who directed Snow White kek)
Happened with Avatar
Dragonball Evolution and it will happen here too.

Here's how it will play out, it will completely miss the point of GITS. It will be nothing more than a generic futuristic action movie with Scarjo slowmo kicking to Dubstep.

Only anime adaption that had any chance of being good was Battle Angel Alita, back when James Cameron was actually looking to direct it. Now Robert Rodriguez is at the helm, and he's a hit and miss director. It will still likely be better than this GITS movie though

if scarjo wants to do something japanese, she can do a tentacle sextape.
The only /a/ approved adaptation was Rurouni Kenshin.

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If 4chan was an anime, what anime would it be?
>inb4 Yotsuba
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If you wanted a Watamote thread you should just asked
Boku no Pico but not as straight.
Isn't this Durarara?

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Who is thirstier for the D?
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Spoilers and volume 8 cover are out.
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Why haven't you read the greatest Pokemon manga yet, /a/?

I'm going to dump the first 2 raw chapters first.

moonfags I would really appreciate it if you translate this up
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I for one except our new flute overlord.

New character when?
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God fucking dammit. And I can't fucking delete it because of Moot. Fuck.

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Save in the name of true love! Visit here to your hearts content!

Martyrs next month, unless Age delays.

TE spoiler guy translated some new stuff from Comic Market (Link Below)
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Who /NVA/ here?
I'm this.
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Waiting for spoilers.
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Mikasa is Armin's ocean.
Anyone get the game? I just bought, and here's to hoping it's good.

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