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you ain't gotta like it.png
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Just from this I can tell that Iroha is best girl, and Iroha also loses. I bet my tits I'm right.

Why does best girl always lose? Minori lost, Shirley lost, Amber lost, Rei lost, Rem lost...
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Iroha is just bait to catch seasonal waifufags like you.
I take it Minori is waifubait too?
None of these girls are best. Your taste is shit.

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Should I watch it? I enjoyed Shakugan no Shana.
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It's worth it for Louise.
Watch season 1 then go for the novels. Anime becomes shit after S1.
Came here to post this. The novels are so much fucking better.

Reminder that you want Trunks to sleep with this.
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Where is that even from?
It's from a 2 page extra for the manga Toyotaro did to explain why the Pilaf gang became young in both timelines. He didn't want to make new designs for the gang for one page so he just pretty much used their GT designs (possibly aged down a bit) even though they should be younger.

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Age is off the clock means It's TIME
When will the age of oppai lolis descend upon us?

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Why do anime girls say "homf" when they put a bite of food into their mouths?
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You don't say it?
Everyone does.
To make your penis twitch.

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img000027 (2).png
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If tits are full of milk, then what are asses full of?
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Salty coins

You're telling me it took him countless time loops just for him to ask a girl out?
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at least he actually asked her out. unlike these harem retards.
All those time loops and you still don't understand a show as simple as this. Kill yourself.
very boring except for the last 2 episodes

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What would you do if you had 5 minutes alone with her?
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Ask her about the secrets of The Mabinogion.
Remove her side pony tail. It looks dumb.

Maybe take off her hair clip.

And have her tuck her shirt in.

For that matter, button your shirt.
Take a piss in her asshole.

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OP you faggot without dragon ball there would be no anime in the west
The only people who think the DB anime is good are niggers and beaners.

The manga is actually deserving of all the praise it gets, though.
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1. photofunia.com

2. Post results.

3. Profit.
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Better than I expected.
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Should I read this?
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I actually think it's one of Kitoh's weaker works. Read his 1-volume oneshot collections or Bokurano instead.
Yes, as in not as good.

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I like Akari!
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blank image meme lmao
What do you like about here, op?
>likes Akari
>posts Sakura

Explain, OP.

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I wanna have a Classic Fantasy Anime thread

Post Classic Fantasy Anime.

Starting with the best one.
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I tend to be more drawn to the serious style, but goofy style is welcome too, and represent some of my favorite installments of the genre.
I haven't seen the new adaptation of this because no Amano no Buy

Maybe I'm being unfair, though
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I think The Weathering Continent gets a bit of a bad rap, I really enjoyed it. I do wish there was more, though. Seems like just an ad for the books.

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animation quality.webm
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There are people RIGHT HERE that unironically prefer Brotherhood over 2003.

Explain yourselves.
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While I thought the Nazi bullshit was pretty retarded, I did find it more acceptable than the manga's ending.

I didn't like how Brotherhood ended on a completely generic shounen fight with "God" as everyone cheered from the sidelines. I don't know, I expect that shit from Naruto but not from FMA.
the music was better in the 2003 show.
but the I liked the direction brotherhood took more than the original anime.
>cheered from the sidelines.
dude everyone was fighting father,
greed even sacrificed himself to turn him into charcoal, ed just got the final blow.

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