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>I dislike it because the fanbase is bad
Is there a worse opinion?
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>i dislike it

No one cares whether you like it or didnt like it fuckface. If you dont like it dont come on a thread thats made for it
So throughout your entire time on /a/ you have never given your opinion on any material?
Ignore the troll.

ITT: Horrible Anime Adaptations
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Another wasn't really a bad adaptation. The source novel isn't particularly great in the first place.
How was Another bad? It was god damn hillarious. One of the best unintentionally funny anime I have ever seen.
>He doesn't like pies

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Maihime demands that you venerate her, /a/!
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Best girl
So What's in the real world?

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In five minutes this planet will explode.
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I'm still here.
What the fuck happened? Why am I still here? Damn it Frieza, I wanted to die.

was this any good?

I love utena, and mawaru penguindrum had huge problems, but at least it was interesting and had a decent premise

I watched the first episode of this when it came out and immediately dropped it. worth a go, or not?
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Try watching the fourth episode.
One of the best op of the year. Top 3

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> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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I like how the timestop comes from the thing on his forehead
Because it happened in the manga fucktard

I'm still mad
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Ciel and Akiha look fine.
Akiha sama looks more than fine. Truly the best.

Fucking give it to me already.
Never seen this show, what seems to be the problem?

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Translations here.
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Yokosuka Naval District Anthology, Volume 14, Chapter 4
Title: Kashima's Love Lesson
Author: Minimaru (http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=313297)
The continuing adventures of Minimaru's Myoukou-class

Page 24
Panel 1
Ashigara: And then? How far'd you get with the Admiral?
Haguro: How far...? On an expedition?

Panel 2
Ashigara: Oh, come on~! I meant your relationship!
(I'd rather not say it out loud...)
Haguro: Our relationship!?
SFX: Haguu

Panel 3
Kashima: Girl talk... mind if I join in?
I'm quite interested!
Haguro: Kashima!

Panel 4
Kashima: ...well, no need to wait, how far'd you get with Admiral-san!?
I'm quite interested!
SFX: Stare
Haguro: (Too close...)
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Page 25
Adult Relationship
Panel 1
Kashima: I'm not fully aware of the situation, having just been assigned here... but do you and Admiral-san have an adult relationship?
Haguro: A-Adult-!?

Panel 2
Haguro: What do you... an adult relationship...?
Kashima: For example, let's say~

Panel 3
SFX: Whisper whisper
Mutter mutter
Haguro: Eh!?
Kashima: ...that kind of relationship.

Panel 4
Haguro: Does... does everyone do that?
SFX: Bluuush
Kashima: Yes, it seems that is the case for all relationships.
Ashigara: (I can only imagine what they said...)

What She Wants
Panel 5
Haguro: I only want to be
closer to Commander-san, or...

Panel 6
Kashima: So you want to flirt with him?
Ashigara: What a nice problem to have~
Haguro: !?

Panel 7
Haguro: F-Flirt... I... that...!
As long as we're together... I wouldn't... make him do... I...

Panel 8
Haguro: Yes... I want to... flirt with him.
SFX: High-five
Ashigara: Oh my~!!
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Page 26
Leave It to Me!
Panel 1
Kashima: In other words, you want to develop a sweet, lovers' atmosphere between you
and that blockheaded Admiral-san, right!
SFX: Point

Panel 2
Kashima: Leave it to me!
As a training cruiser, I'd be happy to drill you!
SFX: Ta-da
Ashigara: Love drills!?

Panel 3
Kashima: Based on detailed research,
there are 48 practical ways to get men interested that I can teach you!

Panel 4
Kashima: Haguro-san, I'll make you a lady!
SFX: Ba-dump
Haguro: Don't say anything that'll give people the wrong idea, okay?

The Model
Panel 5
Kashima: Shall we begin our exercises?
Please follow along as I act, okay
SFX: Sigh

Panel 6
Kashima: We'll start off with an easy one, glancing upward.
The selling point is to bring all your love and trust to your pupils with a sob!
SFX: Stare~

Panel 7
Kashima: Medium difficulty is to reveal your nape while tying up your hair.
For more appeal, hold the hairband with your mouth!

Panel 8
Kashima: Hard difficulty - "My hands are freezing~! Can I use your pocket?"
...as you say that, you grip his hands and reach for his pocke-
Haguro: I
I can't do any of that~!!

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Rabbit Team.jpg
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They are aproaching, guess what they want from you?
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I have no idea, what do they want from me?
A pair of sins

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Why was Kensuke's 'congratulations' moment at the end of episode 26 of Evangelion different from the rest?

What did he say? It sounds like something to the effect of 'Bedetaina' but it just gets translated into the dub as 'Congratulations' the same as everyone else's.

Is it a dialect thing?
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As someone who's soft spot for Kensuke far outshines his screentime, this also interests me.
I'm with you anon, Kensuke's probably one of my favourite Evangelion characters just because he's so fun.
It's been at least a decade since I've watched the scene in question, but in lieu of you deciding to up an audio webm of it, I'm guoing to guess what he said was めでたいな. Which in essence is just another way to say congratulations (and not a dialect thing). Or you can just look it up yourself. I typed it in moon for that reason.

This is your ghost for the night.
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Why is a ghost so soft?
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cow ribbons.jpg
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Can she get pregnant?

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Do anime girls reading SICP go on /a/, because they're anime girls, or on /g/, because they're reading SICP?
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They can't read
Either works.

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Freddie and Chaika on the frontpage of my heart!

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New Thread!
Why is Nene such a little shit?
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Shut up, dyke!

Kou will never fuck you!

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Say something nice to Yun.

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Moe is the thinking man's anime.
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What is this anime?
Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
Sorry anon, but that title belongs to NTR.
The fact that there aren't many anime about it just goes to show how infantile the medium is.

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