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What does /a/ think of Medabots english dub? I happen to like nigger Metabee.

Also Karin best girl.
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Fuck off.
Give me a taste
I don't think Medarot has actually ever been fully subbed, has it? That said, OP's still a faggot for starting off with mention of the dub actors.

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Mine's Mikasa.
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Mine's Vegeta
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mine is pic related
Yuki Nagato

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Fujobait in anime
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is this naruto?
Are you sexually aroused by jpg artifacts, OP?
>join funnymama to be a funker now!
Consider an hero, OP.

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Hoshi no Hito came out, thoughts on it compared to the OVAs and VN?
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I don't get it.

Isn't Hoshi no Hito just a short story?
It was a side story, now adapted to film released today
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I don't think it's available anywhere yet. Horriblesubs never does movies anyways, I couldn't find anything on nyaa.se and it doesn't seem to be up on Funi either.

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Would you be happy if your waifu multiplied by 7?
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Not if that is her only mathematical skill.
I'd prefer a waifu that has mastered basic arithmetic at the least.
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She multiplied by 20,002
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How about by 1.5?

200th volume will be the final one.
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holy fuck
Are we gonna see Ippou and Conan next?
jesus christ

And it STILL won't get any of the recognition it deserves in the west!

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Sons of bitchy
Gay horse, gay horse, I want a gay horse
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>Sons of bitchy
Sunset beaches, you mean.
To this I wonder whether it was intended or not in S2.
Kuuko x Mahiro OTP.

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Why hasn't there been an animu about the Vietnam war yet.
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Japan doesn't need to make an alternate reality where the americans lost.
There has, and a cute girl got traumatized in it too.
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You need Mark Wahlberg for it

What the hell is wrong with her eyes?
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I think she may have inherited some mist people blood.
>no pupils
According to my chinese cartoons, she's been mindbroken or is being mind controlled
No, that's the lack of reflection.
Lack of pupils requires actual damage, to the point where the character is probably dying, but in any case blinded.

just finished this obscure little show from the 90's and I was blown away, you guys really need to see this. Maybe if we get it to internet cult following status we can get another season!
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never heard of it, is it good? might pick it up
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read oyasumi punpun
would I like it even if I dont like westerns?

Weapon thread
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For you
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Tears in the rain.jpg
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>All these... moments... will be lost... in time... like... tears... in the rain...
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It's "tears in rain", but "tears in the rain".

Please get it right next time, thanks.
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What is this expression trying to convey?
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The magical girl element ruined klk desu.
Not enough lube

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I'm about to watch Evangelion for the first time and i know nothing about it.

What am i getting myself into?
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Rei is best.
A very good super robot anime that tries to be arthouse deep from the start and goes shithouse insane at the end.
Find out for yourself, and avoid the threads at all cost.

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Fine fine, I added the title. Happy?

Old thread because that had no title >>146578059
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"Today's the one time in a month... I'm so excited"

"My favorite"
"Overseas game specialized magazine is released!!"

"Before I go to school..."
"I'll go browse and browse some more~
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14: Convenience store Chio-chan

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"There's no way!?"
"This convenience store's the only one in the region it's going to..."

"And it's a miraculous convenience store!"

"It sure is hard to think that it'd get sold out first thing in the..."


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