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Have you done your pilgrimage to Cuenca and Alarcón yet, /a/?
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I'm at it right now. Visited Alarcón yesterday (pic related) and now arrived at Cuenca, preparing proper reference shots.
Will bump with photos occasionally.
I don't visit muslim countries.
But it's fun.
Probably more in spring when it's green, though.

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What is your opinion about Boogiepop Phantom?

I think its a great show. Similar to Lain, while not that good its still a nice watch. If the MC was more memorable it would have been better.

The art, direction and sound is amazing.
Eerie mood, nonlinear narrative from different perspectives, dull gray visuals and muted colour palette. The focus in on center of the screen, blured edges. Sound effects are distorted with static noises to create tension. Eeach episode deals with some troubled character and slowly relating eevent to puzzle pieces in greater purpose.

What do you guys think about it?
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I liked it, although it was kinda confusing at times.
Its edgy
I really didn't like it.

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Taiga a shit. A big fat stinky shit.
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Say something new we don't know about.
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Tiger it's the winner, WINNER.

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the girls in this show are very cute, also don't see why this isn't more popular.

it's a pretty comfy show
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Renge is perfection.

Also, I loved the Inuyasha references in the next episode preview.
>Kappei Yamaguchi-voiced Sabato saying that having dog ears brings back memories
>Satsuki Yukino-voiced Tamako telling him to sit and Sabato feeling like he can't disobey her
My lifelong Takahashi-fag heart melted.
cute baka

New episode is out
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The manga is better.
It is but this is still pretty good

Last thread was really good, thanks for making it that way anons
Fuck pajeet

I'll start with this guy.
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While we're at it, can I get a source for this?

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Episode 10 PV, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCC5odTXDpQ. Feecof is love, Feecof is life.
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I dont post much in the thread but
What the fuck,doesnt seem to fit the character.Was she in the VN too?
>Was she in the VN too?
Well shit, I was expecting kagari to sound a lot more airheaded, this one is just kana hana.Oh well, I got used to her voice now.

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Would you watch an anime about cute muscle girls becoming cute idols?
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something peculiar about these proportions
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theyre all in shape so it may seem weird seeing a female like that if youre an american

Which Love Live is the lewdest?
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Contender for dumbest question ever asked on /a/.
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>has a secret job she doesn't want people to know about
>it involves serving men and calling them "master"
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Write the plot of an anime
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If you look at it closely, it looks like a nipple getting erect.
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there's a reason we call tits plot
A boy falls in love with a girl.

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How do you keep yourself awake while marathoning anime at night?
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>his sleep schedule isn't completely fucked up
>he has to sleep at night

I don't anymore, I got older and i discovered sleeping at night made my body and mind stronger the next day so I've been keeping a mostly healthy sleeping pattern.

Is there an anime more deep than monogatari?
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I can walk outside right now and find puddles deeper.

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Why don't they just shoot him?
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Bullets can't penetrate plot armor.
He survives.
He got destroyed by a physically superior super human once but his plot armor protected him

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What does /a/ think about this?
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It's good but the threads are filled with cucks projecting.
It's good. When the anime is airing?

No blogposting please.
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>No blogposting please.
so just spam images? there is a board for that you know
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Only the best.

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