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Why she is so perfect /a/?

Some day, i hope meet a girl like Saya!
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She's a sweet girl.
The character designs in this anime were perfect t b h

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Well /a/?
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You need to be 18+ to post here.
The clones of Pain would kill all the troupe.

One of them was capable of flattening an entire village.

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/a/ loves Kanan now
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>our life as school idoru begins here and now, let's start over our love raibu no monogatari from zero!
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/a/ loves You and You only.

Maybe a little Hanamaru too.
I always knew she was the best.

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Have you eaten your vegetables?

Also, are you ready for Dimple to possess that random bodyguard for five minutes to be animated?
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Can't wait for the fanart explosion tbqh
So at this point in the manga, which characters aren't brainwashed?
I wonder how hot BONES is going to make him.

Everyone except Mob

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While Nier is getting more hyped and popular, do you think if there's a chance to get an anime adaptation? Would you watch a Yoko Taro's anime?
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Nah, I feel like the journey, and the actions the you as player make, is what makes Nier so endearing, and that just wouldn't translate well, in an anime.
>Would you watch a Yoko Taro's anime?
Absolutely yes, I can't even imagine what the madman would do in such a medium

But as >>146639200 said, Nier toys with your personal involvement and your actions in the game, it wouldn't translate well into an animu
I would.
But i dont think his form of story telling would work well with any other mediums other than games.

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can't beat the cock, man
is there actually a source?

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Get in here!
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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NO-h9PFum4

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Granblue is one of the most profitable franchises in Japan.

So why is anime looking cheap?
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Because A1 are shit

So why give a billion $ franchise to them?
because they are cheap

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what's /a/'s opinion on Welcome to the NHK?
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i liked it.
self insert garbage

Fate/Grand Order will absorb all Type-Moon
Nothing is safe not even Non-canon shit
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Priya always was canon.

Also Medea is cute as hell.
>Non-canon shit
Prya is canon since it started, the scenario in which Kiritsugu corrects his own mistakes before its too late.

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Don't they use Oprah in Ukraine?
Good taste.

Would you kiss her, /a/?
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No, I'm a loyal member of the lonely drivers and always will be
No way

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You have the option to delete one Jojo part from history. Everything in it, all the characters and places, all the events, EVERYTHING will disappear. Those characters will still show up in other parts if they do appear at all past their own, but they are introduced as new characters instead of returning ones.

Do you delete any of them? Which one?
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None. I like JoJo the way it is. I like some parts more or less than others but I've more or less liked every part.
Why would you delete any? It's a good manga that manages to get better as it goes along even after 30 years and none of it is actually bad, let alone bad enough to be better off without.
I generally have liked every part of Jojo but I really am not liking part 8 at all and think it's starting to go from silly and over the top to just straight up dumb.

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Dumping Brown Ghost story.
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And now introducing Sir "Not Having Any Voiced Lines In this anime"
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Threadly reminder that she has solved the mystery behind immortality and will never die.
The Voice actor has dementia.
I want to see random Madarais in the background at some point. I don't give a shit about DR0 but their entire gimmick is hilarious to me.

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