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>24 year old turns into a loli
>12 year old turns into an adult
which do you fug?
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the 24 that turns into a loli
Is there even a choice here?
who the fuck would pick an adult with the mind of a 12 year old?

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Savior of the series edition
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>Putting edition in the OP

Some mods are fairly touchy about it, don't do it again.
Fucking Remfags
My bad, first time making a Re:Zero thread ;_;

Let's just praise the one true Rem

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Today is best girl's birthday.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
Reminder that Hange is just as likely to be male or non-binary according to Hange's creator
Tumblr stop.

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New episode is out, time for the weekly dose of justice.
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Glossary update for episode 8
>Optical Camouflage
Makes the willwear transparent as shown in the show. However, that technology is still really expensive, not too stable on the field and is thus still in an experimental stage.
>Aoki Electrical Industries
Is a Japanese industrial equipment manufacturer with a large market share in the civilian willwear sector.
Consumer-friendly willwear type, and very widespread. Rather easy maintenance, still high quality, doesn't cost much and is very customizable with lots of options.
>Yamanote Immigrant District
A ghetto where the poor and illegal immigrants gather. They make a living by recovering debris from the quicksand area after the water recedes.
>Nippori Team
A gangster-like band that operates outside normal gangster-territory. Is recruited from the poor. Quickly gained influence when the police managed to put heavy regulation and crackdown on regular gangster organizations.
>Demi/Half gray
Refers to the unclear criminal status of the nippori teams.
>Carupanubra Principality
As explained in the show, it's ruled by a dictator with the help of a junta, and the nation is not politically stable. There are anti-regime movements trying to bring democracy, but because of the nation's geo-important location for the space elevator project, all foreign nations are quietly ignoring the rebels and doing nothing to aid them.
>Artificial Rain
Explains the process how unit 8 made it rain.
An abbreviation used internally by the police, meaning "Patrol Car".

Also, the Active Raid website has now added additional information for each named character.

Kyoukai-sama's nickname for example is Eagle Joe.
Great Boss and Inagi met and started a relationship during university. He was of course her senpai.
Mythos is now officially renamed Jirou.
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Another thread for the severely dwindling population of the series that is about 7 anons.
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Just finished the episode. I need more Zenko in my life.

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Will JUST become true friends with Papa Bones before going completely bald?
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cant people wait until 30 sept for daily thread?
Fuck off.
Do you not like reddit tier general threads?
Youre in the wrong place than buddy

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Chapter 35 of RabuRabu

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I was going to do the sfx to, but gave up on the second page.
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What is the thing that makes you prefer anime over other forms of visual entertainment media?
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Itano Circus
Owari Pose
I even like some clichés that anime has that you rarely see in any other form of entertainment; for instance, when they use the opening to reach the climax at the end of the story. Or the spirits/voices of other characters reaching the main one when it's about to happen.
When those elements combine and they do it properly I lose my shit. They also have some kind of rhythm sense in those moments (at least when there's a good director) that you rarely see in other visual forms; it's the same rhythm a good opening has. As timing make the jokes, rhythm makes the effective use of clichés. As much as it's overused the upbeat song with the pause moments (action when it's loud, characters looking at the distance when it gets slower and/or sakura flowers and all those kind of shit), when it comes together properly it's really nice.
Dunno, I never gave it much thought, but I think it's more or less those reasons, at least for me.
legal lolis

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NEW Opening(kinda)

Reminder not to post spoilers until after the entire volume is posted.

Let's follow the story of a young boy named Seiya and his friends in a world where Greek gods rule the universe. Struggle, friendship, family, rivalries, BATTLES and lots of blood awaits them in this classic manga that inspired and still continues to inspire generations of mangaka!

Without further ado, let's begin.

Volume 1 >>145382257
Volume 2 >>145430404
Volume 3 >>145478783
Volume 4 >>145515571
Volume 5 >>145569343
Volume 6 >>145621448
Volume 7 >>145667044
Volume 8 >>145717135
Volume 9 >>145767905
Volume 10 >>145823118
Volume 11 >>145878958
Volume 12 >>145932889
Volume 13 >>145986243
Volume 14 >>146041287
Volume 15 >>146093563
Volume 16 >>146142714
Volume 17 >>146188816
Volume 18 >>146280806
Volume 19 >>146329252
Volume 20 >>146391785
Volume 21 >>146439911
Volume 22 >>146489747
Volume 23 >>146532353
Volume 24 >>146576168
Volume 25 >>146618148
Volume 26 >>146663509
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Saint Seiya pastebin, courtesy of anon: http://pastebin.com/vmYRvpXN
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Incorrect terms/names so far

Knights = Saints
Shina = Shaina
Princess Sienna = Saori Kido
Lord Nobu = Mitsumasa Kido
Jab = Jabu
Morris(silver jobber) = Moses
Sanctuary Master = Pope
Mephisto = Death Mask
Didaros(Shun's master) = Daedalus
Mainstay = Main Breadwinner
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What do you think is the biggest you're fucked" moment in anime is, when you can clearly see someone is just going to get their ass handed to them.
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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread >>146672860
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How long does it take to learn Japanese until you can watch anime without subtitles?
Depends what kind of anime

SoL maybe like half a year to a year depending on how much time you spend studying

Anything more plot heavy would be like double that time or so

ITT best girls in their respective sereis
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Outside of her affection to coconuts, what is there to her?
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>asks for best girls
>posts worst girl

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>beautiful face
>ruined by her non-existant chest
The designers should be shot. The flat jokes aren't even funny.
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>>ruined by her non-existant chest
I think you're looking for >>>/d/.
>flat chests
>ruining anything

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>Band of the Hawk Power tag, huh?

Continued from >>146662256
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He dindu nothing.
He really didn't.
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Pippin didn't even need to talk to be awesome

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Is this the best the isekai genre has to offer?

Why does Re:Zero have an anime adaption and not this cute spider?
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Because it has only ten chapters out.
It can't move as many merchs as Rem can.

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