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4 episodes in. What's the appeal? Everyone in this show seems like a cunt except the spiral glasses otaku girl and the short-haired brunette with the glasses.

Also, is this a harem? I feel like it snuck up on me rather than being one from the get-go.
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The appeal is there, you just gotta keep watching. If you really can't stand it just stop watching it. Obviously you like it a little or else you would have dropped it already.

It's not really a harem until S2. Saori is based, and she gets even better later on.
Kirino is a miracle of the universe.

Yeah, it's decent, could be worse. Might as well keep going until/unless I really hate it.

Which one is Saori again

C'mon guys. We all know who the best girl is. Right?
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Ya her name is Rei not that cunt.
Asuka/Shinji is the OTP

She's the only one with him at the end of EoE

Rei represents the safety and comfort of his mom. Asuka represents other females who can hurt your feelings. If you're a Reifag you're emotionally stunted and Anno hates you
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we sure do

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I'm starting to like NTR. What have you done to me
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Being a cuck is good thig. Your girlfriend or wife loves you more than ever and gives you a lot of kisses <3 <3
There's always a way to fix that.
Which of the three types?

Post pictures of women in anime that you want to own you
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She isn't dominant, she is extremely submissive.


This is dominant.
Esdese is a mighty fine choice.
Are there any other female villains like Haman and Esdeath who force themselves onto the protagonist?

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Billy Herington just claimed his first waifu, and he's coming for yours next! What will you do?
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>3DPD garbage

I fucking hate you normalfags who have ruined the definition of the word.
It's interesting the he embraced the japanese despite them just using his movies as meme, aniki is pretty cool.
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Hey, he got a figure out of it. Four of them even.

Is anyone else really sick of "loli" characters? I don't care if it's not taboo in Japan, but sexualizing little girls is NOT OKAY. We really need to step up as anime fans around the world and demand some changes. Little girls should not be sexualized and portrayed in such ways as this. I've been an anime fan all my life, but I'm embarassed to let my daughter and wife look at some of the stuff that comes out these days. There's some show about a little girl who becomes a witch, which I thought would be perfect for my daughter, but low and behold it's essentially softcore child pornography. That's unacceptable in this day and age, and I'd be horrified if my wife and her daughter found that kind of garbage! We cannot let this go on.
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>haha i saw this epic copy pasta from that one thread
>i will make a thread about it to bait people lol


Are Danganronpa /v/ fags all this sad?
I agree, let's sexualize little boys instead!
I know this is just bait but I'll bite.
Who exactly is harmed in the process of sexualizing drawings? Just don't show them to kids or other people if they don't like them.

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I just finished pic related and now I want to know the /a/ opinion.
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Can't you formulate your own opinion?
I liked the manga since I'm used to the longscroll format by now.

Couldn't get into the anime because I already read the manga.
Liked all the characters but Ann.

Ending wasn't complete, would have enjoyed an anime original but it was still enjoyable.

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Please live, you glorious bastard
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More waifu sisters development.
Spoilers when.
never ;-;

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Is there?
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Nothing at all. Don't listen to those evil people.
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Fuck you Japan.
>brain problems

Why does Crabman not introduce a girl of his own kind? Is he self-loathing?
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Crab has shit taste
that would be really though



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ibuki ?

Why is this allowed?
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Because it is anime for children.
Those arrowheads were forged as if they were the blade of a superior nippon katana.
Is it that surprising they can effortlessly penetrate weak western armor?
god, this was so garbage, but smug-chan was worth it

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What will come out first?

Shin Godzilla 2 or 4.0?
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Shin Gojira 4.0

I'll bet you money that the live-action Nausicaa comes out before the next Rebuild.
I would gladly wait another 8 years for 4.0 if Anno would scrap 3.0 from the canon and remake it with what we were shown at the end of 2.0

What the hell did I just watch, and why was it so good? I'm actually pretty confused on a lot of it, and I feel that I need to rewatch it already. Was it just a bunch of manipulative humanism/selfishness? How much of it was real and how much was metaphor?
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Also, how long should I wait to watch Adolescence?
Watch the movie.
watch it now.

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NOV 2012 - MAY 2013

put in a shitty manga but such an adorable character
i literally cannot create kiruko as a character anywhere else because just the thought of her never coming back just breaks my heart too bad

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