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It's Friday again and I have nothing to do outside of listen to music.
check filename
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Tsuneo Imahori - H.T.
T. Konishi - The Wandering Wolf (Straight Mix)
Supercell - 復讐
Leah - Invisible
Hirano Aya - Lost my music
Miyuki Sawashiro - Ambivalent World
Mix Speaker's, Inc. - Shiny Tale
Paradise Lunch feat. Hoshino Akiyo - Never Mind
A~YA - Knock ! Knock ! Knock !
/r/ Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko opening
putting it in


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Weekend Forecast (09/03-04)
01 (01) ¥819,000,000 ($8.0 million), -12%, ¥3,400,000,000 ($33.4 million), Your Name. (Toho) WK2
02 (02) ¥324,000,000 ($3.1 million), -10%, ¥5,950,000,000 ($58.0 million), Shin Godzilla (Toho) WK6
03 (03) ¥176,000,000 ($1.7 million), -41%, ¥3,600,000,000 ($35.4 million), The Secret Life of Pets (Toho-Towa) WK4
04 (04) ¥144,000,000 ($1.4 million), -33%, ¥600,000,000 ($5.8 million), Black Widow Business (Toho) WK2
05 (---) ¥130,000,000 ($1.2 million), 0, ¥200,000,000 ($1.9 million), Now You See Me 2 (Kadokawa) NEW
06 (05) ¥103,000,000 ($1.0 million), -34%, ¥1,040,000,000 ($10.1 million), Ghostbusters (Sony) WK3
07 (06) ¥91,000,000 ($880,000), -38%, ¥850,000,000 ($8.3 million), Yell for the Blue Sky (Toho) WK3
08 (09) ¥82,000,000 ($790,000), -32%, ¥4,950,000,000 ($48.3 million), One Piece Film Gold (Toei) WK7
09 (08) ¥79,000,000 ($765,000), -40%, ¥1,975,000,000 ($19.4 million), The Jungle Book (Disney) WK4
10 (07) ¥74,000,000 ($720,000), -44%, ¥6,600,000,000 ($63.9 million), Finding Dory (Disney) WK8

>Director Makoto Shinkai's 'Your Name.' continued its dominance at the box office throughout the week, earning more over its first set of weekdays than its actual opening weekend. Its Saturday pre-sales and morning/afternoon ticket sales are huge once again, and it's poised to deliver a massive second weekend; easily the biggest of the year and one of the biggest second weekends of all-time. . And, its two-week total will also be among the highest of all-time, too.

WTF, why has anime movies fallen so far down? It's basically fluff and an empty shell, unlike intellectual masterpieces like Monogatari and other lesser movies. Is it because of shills and empty hype? What must be done to Make Anime Great Again?
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At least 5 billion confirmed
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>Monogatari failed to make more than 74 million yen in its third week


Describe yourself with an anime/manga image
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Hello this is me
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Feels 4.png
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AOTS soon
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Why is Saya such a shit?
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Episode 9 pv:
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>Youjo Senki manga ch.2 finally gets translated

>3 more chapters still untranslated

Well, dumping anywayz
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Fuck yes. Happy birthday to me!

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Now, that we have to wait till October for a new chapter, let us use the newly acquired free time for other activities. Like, for example, cooking!

I, and some other anons too, had the idea for quite a while now. It took me about a month to prepare myself and to implement the idea into something solid. I plan on preparing all dishes in the following months. About a week should be enough time to fully translate their ingredients into ours, buying said ingredients, formulating secret techniques and the actual cooking of a dish.

The biggest problems are money and finding the equilibrium between the manga and our prepared food. I want to get as close to the original as possible, while still being edible AND affordable for your average poorfag.

I hope I can remain faithful to my plan till the end.

The only thing left to say is, that I don't want others to feel discouraged just because a retard went first. I cook a lot, but I don't fancy myself as anything else than a hungry guy. All the food I'm able to prepare came from my parents. So, preparing something without a cooking book and prior knowledge is something I'm not good at and the first dish I made today was quite the ride for me.
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The first dish was already a nightmare for me.

>Huge scorpion
The biggest obstacle. I was able to buy a couple of asian forest scorpions, but they all were already boiled, dehydrated and seasoned.
In the end I went with a couple of brown crabs (cancer pagurus) instead of a lobster. The reasons are money and the use of the crab's carapace as a bowl.

>walking mushroom
Bitch, please. That's tofu. I went with two chunks of solid tofu.

>Mushroom feet
Mushrooms! I used two big white mushrooms.

I used celery instead. Would result in too much sea flavor with the crabs.

Root parsley are the magic words. Way cheaper, tastier and a better choice than the taro's western counterpart, potato.

>Dried slime
Rice noodles! Glass noodles are too thin and don't resemble a noodled slime at all.


Translation of the ingredients was, more or less, a success. The only other ingredients I brought along were salt, pepper, carrots, onions, red wine and seasoning sauce.
Good luck anon. Please don't die of food poisoning.

First I prepared the vegetables. Peeled (carrots and root parsley), cleaned and diced everything. The leaves of the celery are a good seasoning too, but I already got enough from the other ingredients.

Wrapped a towel around the tofu and put a heavy object on top to get rid of some of its water. I waited for an hour.

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I just finished Shirobako. Does /a/ agree that it is literally flawless?

It's the first thing I have given a 10/10 in a long time.
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Not even the best PA Works anime.
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S2 never
It was AotY and has been the best show of the decade thus far. We still have a few more years to go so hopefully something will surpass it but I don't really have high expectations.

Zuka best girl.


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>implying I bothered to learn their names

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Did she just make the cake to the man marrying another girl that she loved all her life?

>is there any more KEKED character?
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I think Chidori from Kiznaiver, even her childhood friend status got cucked.
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Nisekoi True End.jpg
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No. She won.
I think it was the childhood friend of the twgok guy she cucked pretty hard too.

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just started watching this. seems to be moeshit but i heard it's better than mots of the moe out there . should i drop it
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Yes. You should drop it, it's fucking worthless.
why would you rot your brain on that garbage

go watch a MANIME like one punch man instead
meh, its ok but highly overrated. give it a shot and judge for yourself.

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Read the guide

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Post what you have pre-ordered!
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smug retard.png
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If the current crop of isekai anime is really as bad as claimed, surely /a/ could come up with a superior alternative?

Well, /a/? Surely you're not just just talk? How will you make isekai great again?
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Isekai was never good.
We don't get exactly bad anime anymore, what we get is generic and unremarkable ones. Which is exactly the stuff we would write.
pretty much this

usually the premise of Isekai series are interesting but the writing is what you expect from webnovels.

What I'm more interested in is what type of world that /a/ would want to see in an Isekai since /a/ keeps talking about world-building

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we love megumi hayashibara

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No, not really. She voiced that insult Rei Q, and that made her lose all creds with me.
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Megumin is just the best.


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why did the brown girl have to die?

The brown girl didnt even get a good gangbang scene

And they kind skipped the Triad lady too

Fuck that entire OVA series kind sucked
Because she was a evil in the source material. Why would you waifu a prostitute anyway?

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