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Here's my 'to watch' list:
Blade of the Immortal
Haven't you heard? I'm sakamoto.
Akame ga Kill!
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
Death Parade
Phantom Requiem for the Phantom
Dimension W
Mirai Nikki

What order should I watch them in?
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Read Bokurano, then watch Noein, then you're done.
Don't watch Akame ga Kill!, Dimension W, and Mirai Nikki. They are bad.

Bokurano manga is better

Watch FMA:B first and in the dub if you are willing to.

Everything else you can watch in any order.

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to love ru is super interesting
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Something about Momo just gives me an instaboner on sight. I want to ravage every nook and cranny of that body.
It's the tail
Can't be, Lala does nothing for me.

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What would her god tongue taste like if I french kiss her?
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Water, with traces of

Proteins (alpha-Amylase 60-120mg/100ml being the most abundant)
Urea (12-20mg/100ml)
Glucose (0.5-1mg/100ml)
Lipids (8-10mg/100ml)
Hydrogen Ions (H+), very mild acidity
Calcium Ions
Inorganic Phosphate
Fluoride (less than 1 micromol/L)

Youngt and Schneyer, 1981
Diseased semen. Slightly fermented.
French toast?

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What did he mean by this?
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>Luffy is 5'8
He was talking about Kochikame ending.

Did oda just pick gladiators out of a hat to become luffy's underlings?

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Post them.

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Good taste.
I know its not that great but I love it anyway

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Brittania certainly rules when it comes to making me hard as fuck.
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Scans of MTU's books when?
>mtu doing a Hatsu version

Fucking finally. Though I do kinda wish that he would have used her damaged sprite as inspiration.
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CpzskUPUIAEXfPQ.jpg orig.jpg
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All of the newer DDs, with the exception of Minazuki, that were not released through MTU's twitter were in his C90 books.

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What a whore.
Source? Google gave nothing.

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I miss her
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Nothing has topped her.
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Do you think we'll ever get such a resolved girl in anime?

She can bounce back strong from pretty much anything except boredom.
I want her to crush my dick

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Does anyone know of an anime where the main character has an older sibling that is far more powerful than them but doesn't care about being a "hero"?
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Yes, I know an anime like this.
Not an anime, but Sherlock Holmes.


If we want to find someone to try to beat Saitama, we must be that person. For Example, I am

Grand masterBlood Drinker
Rank S
Your weapon of choice is:An iron gauntlet
Your super power is:Talk to animals

I talk to animals through the language of physical abuse, violence and generally being an abusive opposite of an spiritual Indian who talks to animals, who are you /a/?
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Rank A
Your weapon of choice is:Martial Arts
Your super power is:Cyborg

Like Genos but not as flashy...
Rank A
Your weapon of choice is:A mace
Your super power is:???

I think I might be able to do it, guys.
No superpower or mystery power?

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You can only protect one, the rest will be bullied severely. Who do you choose?
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>there are people who won't pick bare feet
Feetfag please go and stay go
Zombie vs Vampire translations updated.

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fuck this show
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Did you really think it would be that easy?
What the fuck is going on? I have so many questions that I don't want answered here. Why was the letter blank? How does Sloth's spirit switch bodies? Where was the last checkpoint established? Why is Ram so mean to Subaru?
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Hey buddy

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Does n't necessarily have to be the greatest. Just the OST that you haven't heard anything else like it.

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Well Boogiepop was one of the last ovas of that golden age. Man the memories
>only version available is a shitty VCR rip
Ghost Hound

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Ahaha! Mhahaha!


Utsukushii, daro~?
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So it´s confirmed Back to be Future Goten, right?
It's also been confirmed that the sky is purple on mars
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watching dragon ball super on a Sunday evening knowing you don't have to work the next day.feels goooooooood

Clearly, this foreshadows how MC will have to purify Velvet at some point.
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you didn't play the game, did you? that's okay.
Maybe Maltran won't die in the anime and Alisha won't have to suffer so much.
i don't know what they're gonna do with Maltran but i'm glad she's getting more screen time. i hope they change her death, that was some some blatant Alisha bullying.

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