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Anyone who disagrees is autistic
Nah, she ruined the tone of the show.
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Yes they are.

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Juvia lives and I am totally okay with that
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This shonen looks so comfy.
Has a lot of asspulls and nakama bullshit tho
>Juvia lives
Did anybody really expect her to die?

Best girl is best sister.
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Post incest.
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rape is love.webm
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So many chapters out in a short time...
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Mai ball.

Does anyone know the song?
Also let's discuss Initial D
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The song you're looking for is - Space Boy
Thanks you very much kind anon. :)
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What does /a/ think of Criminale?
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Waiting till updates also >mangafox
fug i just grabbed a pic from google images

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Did /a/ like Heaven's Memo Pad?
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It was alright. The LNs were better.
Pretty trash. Neet was cute. Worth the watch when it was airing.

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What's /a/ opinion on Russian girls in anime?
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if they don't have sliver hair then they're shit
Best when voiced by Sumippe.

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wtf two junkos.jpg
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DR0 and DR1 Junko was a mindwiped Chisa edition
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First for orgasmic hopeman
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Junko loved Matsuda as a child and despite her being brainwashed, that feeling never disappeared.

What happened was that she herself remembered near the end that she loved him like nothing else, which already makes it factually wrong and proves that Chisa can't be the one that killed Matsuda as she wouldn't have the childhood memories.

Not just that, but Chisa wouldn't have the connection to Mukuro and neither would Chisa have the extrinsic feeling to kill Mukuro and gather despair out of it, because she's not related to Mukuro at all.

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Would you?
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I'd bone that sword if you catch my drift.
I'd paint her insides white.
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Would you what? I don't follow, please elaborate

Ep. 57: "The Invincible God: Zamasu's Descent"

Why won't he die?
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>Vegeta will never beat Black
>Why won't he die?

because he's immortal
use catalog!

Thoughts on parasyte? Do you think Shinichi's attachment to being a human over a half-parasyte or whatever was portrayed well? What important stuff did they change from the manga?
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It's shit.
I know most of /a/ hates it but I enjoyed it. Its OST was the shit.
Are you actually serious? The self insert dubstep ost was so out of place. Me and many others felt that the dubstep literally ruined the anime.

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Reminder not to post spoilers until after the entire volume is posted.

Let's follow the story of a young boy named Seiya and his friends in a world where Greek gods rule the universe. Struggle, friendship, family, rivalries, BATTLES and lots of blood awaits them in this classic manga that inspired and still continues to inspire generations of mangaka!


Without further ado, let's begin.

Volume 1 >>145382257
Volume 2 >>145430404
Volume 3 >>145478783
Volume 4 >>145515571
Volume 5 >>145569343
Volume 6 >>145621448
Volume 7 >>145667044
Volume 8 >>145717135
Volume 9 >>145767905
Volume 10 >>145823118
Volume 11 >>145878958
Volume 12 >>145932889
Volume 13 >>145986243
Volume 14 >>146041287
Volume 15 >>146093563
Volume 16 >>146142714
Volume 17 >>146188816
Volume 18 >>146280806
Volume 19 >>146329252
Volume 20 >>146391785
Volume 21 >>146439911
Volume 22 >>146489747
Volume 23 >>146532353
Volume 24 >>146576168
Volume 25 >>146618148
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Saint Seiya pastebin, courtesy of anon: http://pastebin.com/vmYRvpXN
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Incorrect terms/names so far

Knights = Saints
Shina = Shaina
Princess Sienna = Saori Kido
Lord Nobu = Mitsumasa Kido
Jab = Jabu
Morris(silver jobber) = Moses
Sanctuary Master = Pope
Mephisto = Death Mask
Didaros(Shun's master) = Daedalus
Mainstay = Main Breadwinner
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Haruko is a narcissistic sociopath who uses and abuses everyone around her and whos ultimate goal is to gain god-like power even if it destroys the earth. The only reason she survives the finale is because she manipulates a 12 year old into falling in love with her.

Yet a lot of reviews tend to paint her as benevolent, why?
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who cares flcl is shit
who cares about reviews?
you have shit taste desu
>Yet a lot of reviews tend to paint her as benevolent, why?
You read reviews for FLCL?
I greatly enjoyed the show and have re-watched it more times than I can count, but "reading reviews" is not an action that ever crossed my mind as even possible, much less a desirable way to spend time. So you read reviews. By whom? And why do you respect their opinion enough to bother us with it?

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Luffy might be the best shounen protagonist of all time, and he's definitely better than all the other shit characters like Joseph Joestar and Shirou.

Compared to Naruto and Ichigo, he actually has a lot of characterization and he is just overall a better character. I think it's safe to say that you really can't compare One Piece to the other so-called "Big 3."
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You don't have to make a thread for this. It's a well known fact already that he's a better-than-your-average protagonist.
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Another shitposting thread?
Loves to fight/strong people
Eats a lot
Childlike personality
Catch phrase/one goal "I'm gonna be king a da pirates!!"

Yep original and amazing protagonist ya got there... I love goku... I mean naruto... Wait what was this anime again?

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